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10 Best Villas In Finland One Must Go And Stay For Experiencing A Comfortable And Lavish Vacay!

Finland is a north European country that borders Sweden, Russia and Norway. Finland as we know is the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. Before planning a trip to Finland, you need to decide which season you are going to visit Finland in. Summer and winter have stark differences, summer is characterized by extreme light while winter is mostly dark. It is quite a large country and to travel around Finland, you need to keep travelling from place to place. The famous attractions in Finland are in Helsinki, Archipelago, Lakeland and Lapland. So, if you are wondering where to stay when backpacking around this country, then you don’t have to worry.

Finland has many comfortable villas and stays, where backpackers and tourists can stay while visiting this country. Take a look at our list of the 10 best villas in Finland to know where to stay in your visit to Finland.

1. Seaside Glass Villas

Seaside Glass Villas

These villas are located in the Snow Castle area by the frozen sea. The villas has a beautiful glass roof and large glass windows that offer some of the most beautiful views. You can see exclusive views of the Northern sky from the villa comprises. If you stay in the villas during the winter months, you will be greeted with a vast frozen sea. If you are looking for best villas in Lapland, Finland then this is one of the best places to stay. You can also visit the villas during the Aurora season, which starts during late August and continues till March. You can enjoy starry skies and the light show from the glass roof of the villas.

Location: Fleminginkatu, Kemi, Finland
Tariff: 299 euros onwards
Rating: 4.5 / 5

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2. Art and Design Villas

Art and Design Villas

Art and Design villas is located by the Lake Saimaa and offers modern accommodation facilities with Wi Fi, private sauna and a completely equipped kitchen, that the residents are at full liberty to use. The town center of Anttola is only a 7 minutes’ drive away from the place. The rooms of the villa are quite spacious and the living room features a fireplace, a flat screen TV and lavish seating spaces. There is also a private swimming pool and spa facilities along with a fitness center. Meals can also be served on request to the villas, which are made from local produce and are simply delicious.

Location: Hovintie, Anttola, Finland.
Tariff: 250 euros onwards

3. Serena Villas

Serena Villas

Serena Villas is a luxury cottage in Finland for holidays. It is located in the midst of a clean forest along the slopes of Serena pond. There is a water park and ski slopes next to the villas. If you like to have a stroll in the nature, then you can go for a walk along the forest. All the cottages in the Serena Villas have all the modern amenities like air conditioning, equipped kitchen, TV, Wi Fi etc. The villas are not child friendly and children below 3 years are not accommodated in the villas.

Location: Tornimae Tie, Finland
Tariff: 300 euros onwards
Rating: 3 / 5

4. Villas Karhunpesa

Villas Karhunpesa

Karhunpesa are a range of luxury villas in Finland. This villa is fairly new and started its operation in 2015. The villa is located in a very peaceful location, amidst Saariselka, a resort area in Lapland. It is the perfect holiday location, all year round. Fit for all seasons, Villa Karhunpesa are completely equipped with high class amenities and the villa is designed in modern Nordic style. During the winter months you can enjoy in the water park and in the summer you can enjoy in the water park.

Location: Koivutie, Inari, Finland
Tariff: 800 euros onwards

5. Karkutahko Villas

Karkutahko Villas

Karkutahko is a series of three holiday villas and located only at a distance of 1.5 km from the western slope of Tahko. The location of the cottage is in a very secluded natural setting. You can enjoy a tranquil time here, as the cottages are located in the rugged natural setting of Finland. During winters you can enjoy snowmobiling, skiing around the Rahasmaki and Valimaki region. You can also enjoy a nice hike or go biking around the villa landscapes. There is also opportunities for fishing and berry picking.

Location: Tahkomaentie, Nilsia, Finland
Tariff: 70.94 euros

6. Rauhalahti Villas

Rauhalahti Villas

Rauhalahti villas is you perfect holiday stay location in Finland. The villas have been running for 20 years now, there are 67 cottages and 237 electrified caravan sites along with a huge camping area. There is a sauna inside the cottage areas and an outdoor Jacuzzi for the summer time. You can also go for skiing, the villas arranges for skiing opportunities. You can also go for bowling, the villas offer 2 days bowling packages starting at 340 euros, and you can enjoy your Finland vacation perfectly, when you stay at Rauhalahti villas.

Location: Rauhankatu, Kuopio, Finland
Rating: 4 / 5

7. Teri Villas

Teri Villas

These villas are fairly new and started in 2013. The villas are fully furnished and equipped modern day amenities. The living space has a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen along with a beautiful terrace. The villas are available for rent. Week long renting starts from Friday evening to next Friday at 11 am. The villas also offer spa facilities for the people staying at the cottages.

Location: Sipintie, Pori, Finland
Tariff: 29 euros

8. Villa Voussel

Villa Voussel

Villa Voussel is an ecological villa located in the wilderness near Lake Vesijarvi. The villa situated in the midst of a fir forest, gives you the escape from the bustling city life. It is perfect for a weekend getaway, away from the city rush. Built from deadwood, the villas give off the vibe of a log cabin. Apart from living spaces, the villas offer two lounges, a fully equipped kitchen. This lovely lakeside cottage is open all year round and you can come here anytime for a nice holiday experience.

Location: Koukkuniementie, Kuusamo, Finland

9. Villa Huilinki

Villa Huilinki

Villa Hulinki is located in a very beautiful villa, located in Ranua region. The villa is about 24 km away from the Ranua Wildlife Park. The villa comes with facilities like a fully equipped kitchen, a terrace, TV, air conditioning as well as a sauna. The property also has a children’s playground and a beach area. During the winter months, you can also find many skiing opportunities.

Location: Ranua, Finland

10. Villa Somosenranta

Villa Somosenranta

Villa Somosenrata is a luxury villa in Finland the villa has all modern amenities like Wi Fi, flat screen TV, fully equipped kitchen. There is also a terrace for the people who stay in the villa. They also offer facilities like sauna and barbecue. The area where the villa is located is popular for cycling and fishing opportunities. So you can also indulge in fishing.

Location: Oikarainen, Finland

These are some of the most comfortable villas in Finland where you can enjoy a nice, comfortable stay while enjoying a pleasant weather and exotic view. So, if you’re planning to visit Europe anytime soon, then make sure to plan a stay at one of these luxurious villas.

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Abu Simbel Temples: A Complete Guide To This Gem Of Egypt

Most of us must have heard about the Abu Simbel temple. It is basically a very ancient temple that is located in the southern part of Egypt. The temple is in the form of two rocks. It is also a very popular temple in Egypt. People from various corners of the world come to this temple to have a glance at it. This temple also has a great historical significance.

About Abu Simbel Temples

It is said that the construction of this temple started during the 1264BC and lasted for 20 years. So it really took a long time to complete its construction. The other name of this temple is” The Temple of Ramesses”. It is a six rock temple that was built by Nubia during the rule of Ramesses II. The main intention of this ruler was to introduce the status of Egyptian religion in this place.

Best Time To Visit Abu Simbel Temples

If you are planning to visit this temple, then you can go there any time. However, it is said that the time from 4 is to 10.30 am is the best one. You can spend a long time walking along the temple premises. Try to visit within that time.

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Now let’s have a glance at some of the best things to do at Abu Simbel temples.

1. Explore The Abu Simbel Temple Complex

Explore The Abu Simbel Temple Complex

Once you reach the temple, it is very necessary to go through the whole temple complex. There are awesome sculptures and statues that you can come through while roaming along the temple. Try to walk along the temple complex. It would be far better and wonderful. There are some ancient ruins that are also available. It would rather be very important to know why was Abu Simbel built?

2. Visit Aswan Governorate

Aswan Governorate

You can also take a flight from Aswan and visit the Abu Simbel temples. You can also spend the whole day by relaxing in front of Lake Nassar before flying back to Aswan. You can visit the whole temple complex along with a short trip to Aswan Governorate. In fact, the Abu Simbel temples map helps a person to reach the place conveniently.

3. Hire Luxor And Take A Drive To The Adjacent Places

Take A Drive To The Adjacent Places

Take a Luxor and drive from Aswan to Abu Simbel temples. It will give you an amazing experience. You can also go to the Philae temple. Also, check the high dam that is very near to Aswan. The long drive is much better and refreshing. If required you can stop anywhere and take a break. It has been seen that the Abu Simbel temple facts are very interesting at the same time.

4. Take A Bus Tour To Rock Temples

Bus Tour To Rock Temples

There are ample AC buses that conduct regular tours to Abu Simbel temples from Aswan. If you are interested then you can join it. The bus starts their journey early in the morning. The bus will also take you to two rock temples that are located on the banks of Lake Nassar. The bus will provide free distilled water to the travelers. Abu Simbel temple in Egypt is a great landmark of the whole place.

5. Hiring Bike And Exploring The Area On Your Own

Cyclist Bike Biker Transportation System Wheel

If you desire, then you can also opt to hire bikes that are available in Aswan. By hiring an individual hike you are completely free to go anywhere. It may take some extra time, but the whole thing depends upon the wish of the biker. You will really enjoy this trip to Abu Simbel through a bike. Even it is said that Abu Simbel temple relocation is a big history and it plays a vital role till this date.

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6. The Light And Sound Show: Witness

The Light And Sound Show

Now don’t miss the awesome light and sound show. This show will clearly state the full story of the temple including the story of Ramesses II. The whole ambiance changes instantly and you will feel like you are in that period. Many hidden facts are revealed beautifully. So don’t miss this chance. The laser show is held on a regular basis and people really like to see it. The show does not commence if there are less than 10 people. This show is simply mind-blowing and amazing from all aspects.

7. Explore The Interiors

Explore The Interiors

There are many things to see inside the temple. There are ample sculptures and statues of the ancient time that must be visited. Also, don’t forget to discover the listed complex of UNESCO. You can gather a lot of information from these places. Most of the historians mostly visit this place for gathering good information about the temples. There are ample communications that connect the Abu Simbel airport to temple.

8. Hire A Guide


Hire a guide and know more about the history of two temples and also about Ramesses II, who constructed this temple during the 13th century BC. There are writings that are engraved on the walls of the temple. If you want, you can go through these writings. It may take a time to read those writings.

9. Have A Coffee And Delicious Breakfast At Tuya Café

Coffee And breakfast

If you are searching to have some breakfast at a good place then it is best to go to Tuya Café. This place serves local foods in a lovely garden. The garden is well maintained and the whole ambiance is quite favorable for tourists. If you want, then you can stop here to smoke. Maximum tourists come to this place to relax and taste some delicious foods. This café is very well known in the entire area.

10. Visiting Temple Of Hathor

Temple Of Hathor View

Indeed, the temple of Hathor is another important thing to see at Abu Simbel. It lies next to the Temple of Ramesses. In this temple, you will the statues of Ramesses and Nefertari. In this temple, Nefertari is found to be in the clothes of Hathos. So this temple is very famous all around the place. There are some images depicted on the walls of the temple where you will find that queens are dedicating to god. The art is very graceful in this temple. However, there is an involvement of Abu Stemple entrance fee.

How To Reach Abu Simbel Temples

Abu Simbel is said to be a very fascinating destination for the tourists. If you are in Aswan, then you can reach Abu Simbel by flight. There are regular flights that connect Abu Simbel with Aswan. The fare of the flight may vary from 1200-1800 EGP. The fare depends on the time of booking. After reaching the Airport, you can hire a taxi that can take you to Abu Simbel. If you travel from Cairo, then there are regular flights that can take you Abu Simbel. It takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach Abu Simbel from Cairo Airport.

The natural beauty of Abu Simbel has attracted lots of people since a long time. If it is seen minutely, then it will be found that people from all across the world mostly come to see this temple. It is the center of attraction. As times passed, the route to reach this temple has been developed in a new way. People can now easily access various types of modes to reach this place. Even there has been a lot of changes in the place. There are good eating places near the temple where people can sit and relax for a bit of time. Plan a trip to Europe, head to Egypt and have a unique experience.

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What To Expect On Your Trip To “The Lost City Of The Incas” Machu Picchu

The Machu Picchu rouses awe and joy at the first sight. Overlooked after the fall of the Inca Empire, and later re-found after 400 years, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly Peru’s best creation. Basically, all the explorers and trekkers should plan to visit it at least once in their lives. A prosperous vacation to the site needs careful planning and in-depth knowledge. Read our guide for things to do and popular attractions nearby Machu Picchu.

The area encompassing Machu Picchu is home to various intriguing sights, ruins, and small towns. Here are some recommendations that you must remember ahead of packing your bags to trek this place:

1. South America: Find The Trail Leading To Machu Picchu

Trail Leading To Machu Picchu

You will most likely be puzzled by the number of trails when you arrive here. You could climb the Inca Trail, which is an extraordinary four-day trek. The trail makes its way from the mighty Urubamba River, over mountain passes and crossing many decaying fortresses to arriving at the lost city of Machu Picchu. In case you’re unable to book this trail, you can attempt another trail, which is the Choquequirao Trail.

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2. South America: Hike To The Sun Gate

Hike To The Sun Gate

The Sun Gate is a compensation for all the tough trekking journey you undertake to reach the site. It is an incredible opportunity to take a glance at the secretive Lost City of the Incas. But in case that you are touring Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes, it is worth it to move up the Sun Gate to view the relics from above. It takes about an hour to land at Intipunku.

3. South America: Explore The Royal Tomb

Royal Tomb

The Royal Tomb is found near the Temple of the Sun. Hiram Bingham, the pioneer of Machu Picchu, was quoted saying that the external wall of the palace is the best wall in America. Like the Sun Temple, there are big corners for offerings, and the bottom of the building has a kind of a cave-like formation which is the reason Bingham alluded to the location as a tomb.

4. South America: Stop By The Funerary Rock

Funerary Rock

Offering one of Machu Picchu’s best perspectives, this building is a place where priests were preserved upon death. When you’ve completed your ascent, you can see the entire of Machu Picchu from the top. Also, if you are fortunate, you may even unearth the site’s pro-grounds-keeping team: a little group of alpacas and llamas.

5. South America: Explore The Hut Of The Caretaker

Hut Of The Caretaker

If you have a thing for scenic views, make sure to visit the Hut of the Caretaker. It’s a couple of structures that have been reestablished with a thatched rooftop, making it a decent shelter in case you reach here at a rainy time. The Inca Trail enters the city just underneath this cottage. So, this hut is an ideal location to grab a fantastic view.

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6. South America: Get Lost In Farm Terraces

Farm Terraces View

One of the most incredible accomplishments of the Incas was their capability to adjust to the mountainous territory of the Andes for agribusiness. Here, you can stroll along the terraces at Machu Picchu to take delight in the procedures they utilized to cultivate the land. It is also a tranquil spot where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

7. South America: Get A Panoramic View Of Inca Drawbridge

Panoramic View Of Inca Drawbridge

A beautiful yet level stroll from the Hut of the Caretaker takes you directly past the highest point of the terraces and out along a cliff-clinging narrow trail to the Inca drawbridge. In less than an hour’s walk, the path gives you a fair glimpse of cloud-forest vegetation and a totally unique perspective of Machu Picchu.

But remember, it is prescribed that you capture the bridge view from a distance only as somebody crossed the bridge a few years back and grievously fell to their demise.

There are several secrets revolving around the ancient structure. We’ve made an effort to uncover a few of them:

1. It Was An Ancient Resort Town

Ancient Resort Town

As indicated by a group of archeologists, Machu Picchu was constructed as a retreating area for the Royal family. The research directed by John Rowe, Lucy Salazar, and Richard Burger uncovers that the Machu Picchu was constructed imagining the region as a serene place to retrieve themselves from the buzzing of the city in Cuzco.

2. A Majority Of The Foundation Is Underground

Portals Machupicchu Inca Architecture Stones

While vacationers wonder about the excellent accomplishments of architecture, it’s evaluated that 60% of the development of Inca town is underground. The Incas put resources into rooted building establishments and a broad pulverized rock drainage structure to adapt to the wet season’s climate. You’ll have the time of your life at Machu Picchu.

3. There Are Several Unexplored Trails & Mysterious Temples

Unexplored Trails & Mysterious Temples

Numerous trails diverge off the principle steps of Machu Picchu and are soon overwhelmed by leaves, branches, and bushes. It is because the encompassing cloud forests develop at such a quick speed. Now and then, new terraces and trails are cleared and opened to the visitors. Make sure to stop by here for an incredible time.

4. It’s Not Actually Lost

Beautiful place

When Hiram Bingham III, the explorer, originally discovered Machu Picchu in 1911, he was searching for the Lost City of the Incas recognized as Vilcabamba. He, indeed, believed that Machu Picchu was really Vilcabamba, where the Incas had gotten away when the Spanish landed in 1532 in South America. Bingham’s hypothesis was later refuted when Gene Savoy found Espiritu Pampa in 1964, the actual lost city.

Road and Mountains view

Machu Picchu is located around 50 miles northwest in the Cordillera de Vilcabamba of the Andes Mountains of Cuzco, Peru. It is set over the Urubamba River valley. The passageway to Machu Picchu is the town of Aguas Calientes which is also called Machu Picchu Pueblo. This small town has no street access from any neighboring towns, so it’s not reachable directly via car. You will have to utilize a mix of modes of transport comprising of the train, walking, or car. You can pick between a bus or hike to Machu Picchu. Once there, Machu Picchu rests at the peak of the mountain above Aguas Calientes.

To visit the location, you should buy a ticket in advance for getting an entry, which is accessible from different ticket offices in Cusco or through online booking. Kindly note tickets for Machu Picchu are not sold at its entry gate and are restricted to 2500 daily tickets, with access to Montaña Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu each being additionally limited to 400 daily tickets. In peak times of the year, tickets for these extra attractions can be sold out ahead of time. So, you must rush up to book your trip in advance as the demand for this place remains unquenchable among tourists. The entry to the site opens at 6 AM and ends at 3 PM.

After investigating the breathtaking attainment of the ancient Incan developers, you will crave to go for a more out-and-out exploration of Machu Picchu. And yes, you’ll find many perfect spots to take mind-blowing pictures and selfies. Get ready for some adventures on your trip to South America. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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Kapellbrücke Bridge: Your Personal Guide For Exploring This Charming Beauty In Lucerne

When we visit a new country, we usually look at places of interest, which are frequented by tourists. Very rarely visit those unthread path, the things of beauty that are right in front of our eyes, but we somehow just don’t see it in that light. One of those places happen to be the beautiful bridges of a city or town. Kapellbrücke Bridge or the Chapel Bridge, as it is popularly called, is one such gorgeous bridge. Located in Lucerne, Switzerland, the mesmerising beauty of this bridge attracts tourists from far and wide these days.

Kapellbrücke Bridge Facts

This pretty-looking bridge is a wooden pedestrian bridge, spanning across the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne. The bridge was named after the St. Peter’s Chapel, which is the vicinity. The bridge, is one of the oldest in whole of Europe as it was built way back in 1333. The bridge, which was actually over 200 meters long, shortened in time though, and is now only 170 meters, since the bank was replenished from time to time. The reason that this bridge was built was to connect the Old Town to the New Town. The Lucerne Chapel bridge paintings are another reason that it so unique.

This might be one of the very bridges in the world where the paintings can be found under the roof. It was painted by a local painter by the name of Hans Heinrich Wagmann and showcase events from the history books of Lucerne as well as those of the patron saints of Lucerne, St. Leger and St. Maurice, among others. An unfortunate event, a fire on the bridge in 1993, destroyed most of the paintings.

If you wish to look at these paintings, which is lined up all across the bridge, in triangular wooden blocks, then you need to avoid visiting it from Late January to Early February, as those are the carnival days, and all the old paintings are with modern ones with the carnival theme. Yet another landmark is the Water Tower, and it literally stands on the water. This tower was previously a prison, but is now used as a club room and that is also the reason why it is not open to the public. What makes the Chapel Bridge more charming is the colourful flowers, blooming on either side of the bridge.

Of course, the first thing you need to do while you are at Chapel Bridge is to walk across the length of it and admire those old paintings that made it through the fire. Standing over the bridge and looking down at your reflection in the Reuss River gives you so much of peace and solitude. But, those are not the only things that you could do. There are many interesting stuff to explore, which are nearby to this impressive bridge.

1. Old Town


Called as Altstadt, The Old Town of Lucerne is a charming little place to stroll around in. Right across the Chapel Bridge from the new part of the town, it is pretty and just filled with so many little things that you will see along the way and appreciate. One of the most striking features about the old town are its buildings, which oozes of old-world charm with its ornate decorations and colourful murals. You will see this trend all across the Old Town. Another feature is the old town boulevard, which is located right between the Chapel Bridge and the City Hall. A strip, along the river Reuss, it is brimming with restaurants, quaint and with one of the best views of the river. What more could one ask for!

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2. St Peter’s Chapel

St Peter's Chapel

This is where the Chapel Bridge gets its name from. This is right next to the bridge in the Old Town in Lucerne, Switzerland and has stood there for several centuries now. Made mainly of marble, this is Baroque style chapel and a charming one at that. The exterior walls of the church have some interesting pieces of art that an art aficionado in you would truly appreciate. An alabaster carving of the Mount of Olives, the fresco of Brother Klaus which dates back to the late 19th century, and also a painting of St. Christopher from the early 20th century is what covers the exterior of this chapel. This background also provides for some great pictures; memories that you can take back home. You could also pray in complete peace in this cute little church. It is a place worth visiting when you are on the bridge.

3. Old Town Towers

Old Town Towers

The Lucerne wall and its nine towers stand tall in the Old Town and quite close to the Chapel Bridge. Out of the nine, only four are open to the public, in the months of April through November. The Musegg Wall and Männli, Zyt, Wacht and Schirmer Towers, offer a fascinating view of the charming city, along with River Seuss and its bay area. It is truly a sight to behold. But, what is interesting about these nine towers is the fact that each one is unique from the other, in the way it was or being used. While two of the towers were used to store gunpowder in the olden days, some of the towers are used by various guilds these days.

One of the most interesting towers is the Zyt Tower, which houses an exhibition of historic clocks, starting from the late Middle Ages to the 20th century. These were the clocks which were actually made in this city and there are charts, which explain how these clocks evolved over the years. The facts and the exhibitions itself is so fascinating! One of the other towers, the Luegisland Tower, served as a watchtower at one point of time. Even now, you can see a weathercock pointing left to right, high on the roof and it is the tallest among all the towers.

4. Needle Dam

Needle Dam

Just five minutes from the Chapel Bridge, is yet another bridge called the Spreuer Bridge. This is where you will see the last of these kind of dams called the needle dam. It is a fascinating work of engineering and you will be glad that you actually did not miss out on this. The dam was built between 1859 and 1861, and is also known as Reuss Weir. Believe it or not, but the water level in the city is still regulated by the removal or insertion of these timber needles, which is what holds the dam together, and all this is done manually. If you get to see the men at work there, levelling the water that enters the town, then consider yourself truly lucky!

5. Town Hall

Town Hall

It is a cultural monument of sorts in this part of the town and you can see it in all its glory when you stand on the Chapel Bridge itself. But, the town hall is definitely worth a visit. It was built between 1602 and 1606 by an Italian architect by the name of Anton Isenmann and that is why it is constructed with the look and feel of Italian Renaissance. What was once a trading hall, is now used for exhibitions and concerts. The coffered ceiling, the paintings and just about everything about this place is so gorgeous and takes you back to the Renaissance period of grandeur and rich art forms. A part of the town hall is also used for weddings now, as the registry is located there too. The most interesting part lies in the attic, which is the dovecote, where the doves are bred. This is open to the public, where from a distance, you can observe this gentle bird going about its daily routine. There is also an exhibition, which throws focus on these birds; their behaviour and history.

As far as Kapellbrücke Bridge is concerned, these fascinating places surround it and all of these are worth a visit. But, Lucerne is not just about the Chapel Bridge. Explore the Lucerne Lake promenade or visit the weekly market in the Old Town. There are so many things to do here. So, plan a trip to Switzerland and soak in all the soothing vibes that this place has to offer with your loved ones!

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All About Millau Viaduct Bridge: A Landmark In Southern France

Southern France has several gateways to many exquisite holiday destinations and panoramic sightseeing avenues, one of the best being Millau which is an expansive settlement at the meeting point of the River Tarn and River Dourbie. An integral part of the French Occitanie region, this commune is barely 70 km away from the Aveyron department in Rodez. It is one the most prominent locations with the presence of the tallest bridge in the world measuring 323metres – The Millau Viaduct Bridge also known as Viaduc De Millau.

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful panoramas of Causse du Larzac, Gorges du Tarn, and Causse Noir, this roadway bridge passes over the Tarn Valley and forms a magnificent yoke in La Meridienne. Constituting the main entrance to the enchanting Gorges Valley, it connects the Causse du Larzac and the Causse Rouge which are the two famous limestone plateaus.

History Millau Viaduct Bridge

This colossal masterpiece was an oeuvre de art, designed by a British architect Norman Foster and a French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux. The requisition of this bridge had arisen way back in the ’80s when the whole of Millau, Torn Valley and other areas surrounding Paris en route Spain would be engulfed in long traffic hauls during the vacations. However, its construction began in the late 2001 and it took 3 years to complete this edifice. While the construction was completed on 14 December 2004, it received the outstanding structure award in the year 2006.

Facts About Millau Viaduct Bridge

While Millau is the commune where the bridge was built, the term ‘Viaduct’ originates from a latin word ‘via’ which means a road and ducere denotes ‘to lead’ so it is actually a bridge that comprises 8 consecutive spans of road or pathway over Tarn river. This bridge is a classic example of a harp cable stayed bridge wherein the cables holding the deck pass through the pillar at different points. A total of seven pillars were constructed with a record breaking height that crossed 50metres

Millau viaduct bridge Height: Taller than the famous Eiffel Towers, the Millau Viaduct Height at 343metres holds its head high beyond the clouds. It has not only broken several world records but also been declared as one of the most majestic and beautiful bridges in the whole world.

While structurally it is the tallest, it is the 15th highest bridge according to the deck height which was 270 meters. It is proven to be the highest road bridge that passes through the valley of River Tarn, in Europe at 886 feet.

Millau Viaduct Length: This cable-stayed bridge is 2460 meters’ long is said to be iconic and is swarmed by visitors thus the speed limit here has been lowered from 130km/hrs. to 110km/h so as to make it safer and allow the tourists who would naturally lower their speed to click pictures.

Places To Visit Millau Viaduct

The Millau viaduct bridge is surrounded with copious locales that are eye-catching and not to be missed if one plans to tour that area, primary one being Viaduc de Millau, and others like Larzac, Chaos De Montpellier-le- vieux, La Graufesenque, Micropolis Cite des Insectes, Reptile Larzac, Castle Peyrelade, Dourbie, Musee De Millau et des Grand Causses, Millau Viaduct Information and Tours and so many more.

1.Viaduc de Millau

Viaduc de Millau

This classic piece of architecture that has created history, is one of the first and foremost things to explore. It has the advantage of having several viewpoints like Cape Coste Brunas, Belvedere of Luzencon, Village classified Peyre, Terrace of the Belfry of Millau and others. It is a visual treat to the eyes of artists, photographers, nature lovers and other tourists as it offers marvelous vistas in every season. As it is a motorway road bridge, walking across the bridge is strictly prohibited.

Toll Charges: £5.60
Peak season: £7.40
(July & August)

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2. Larzac


Situated between Millau and Lodeve, this limestone Karst plateau, better known as Causse du Larzac is a piece of natural agricultural land that is used for sheep rearing and most famous for acquiring Roquefort Cheese. There are several three-star hotels available if one is interested in soaking in the beauty of this place.

3. Chaos De Montpellier-le-Vieux

Chaos De Montpellier-le-Vieux

In the north-east of Millau, at the southern edge of Causse Noir, lies a 120-hectare block field comprising limestone plateau with organized and extraordinary rock city that is formed out of dolomite. While the Black Causse is the finest compilation of rocks, Montpillier-le-vieux is the capital. Improvising keeps with new features is their specialty, the latest ones being

Walks in Freedom – five marked walks ranging from one to three hours
The Little Train – meant for older generation or families who want a smooth tour in short span of 50minutes.
Via Ferrata –Zip liners that are unique as they are formulated underground in between the rocks
The Hooked ROC – specialized workshop for children in the field of acrobatics and rock climbing with safety.
Entry Fees: mentioned on the site

4. La Graufesenque

La Graufesenque

This is an exclusive tourist spot as it is an archeological site found at the confluence of rivers Dourbie and Tarn, barely 2 km away from Millau. It is a must visit place for people interested in ceramic pottery as the highlights of this place are La Ceramique Sigillee, L’Atelier d’Atelia, etc. The site, partly owned by the government and private shareholders, was classified as a monument historique in 1995. More than 600 workshops were excavated out of which only a dozen were considered famous at that time.

5. Micropolis Cite des Insectes

Micropolis Cite des Insectes

Another prominent tourist attraction is the Micropolis Cite Des Insectes which is located close to Millau at Sainticropolis, in the Levezou region of France. It exhibits biodiversity at its scientific center, however it is essentially a museum that Is dedicated to Jean-Henri Fabre – a famous entomologist. It is a complete insect city which can be discovered by young and old alike. Here one can effortlessly get lost in the mesmerizing world of these eight-legged creatures and their diversities. There are several activities that one can indulge in either individually or even in groups. The park opens from February 23, 2019

Entry Fees: Children Children Adults -£14.90
Timings: Open all day
In months May and June, visits are preferable on Wednesdays or weekends
As weekdays are reserved for school excursions.

6. Château de Peyrelade

Château de Peyrelade

The tour of Viaduc de Millau would be incomplete if one does not visit castle Peyrelade as it is one of the many ruined castles of medieval times that is located in the Riviere –sur –Tarn in the Aveyrn Department. Overlooking the valley and Gorges de Tarn, this magnificent castle has a fortress made of single rock. A host of facilities and activities are lined up for the eager beavers as well.

Entry Fees: for Children 12yrs: £5
for >10 person: £3 each person
Packages available
Timings: all days 14:00 to 18:00
July &August 10.00 to 18.30


eWhile Rodez is the closest airport to Millau, Montpellier is another feasible option here. By bus it takes about 3hr56minutes to reach the bridge, while the train takes about 4hr8minutes; however, the fastest route is available by car so should you plan to visit the bridge in an hour’s time, you should definitely drive down. The Millau Viaduct Map is always there for your assistance

Insider Tips

To attain the best view of this architectural wonder, climbing on to the viewing platform of the Service Area on the northern side of the bridge is most advisable. Weather could be very unpredictable so appropriate clothing is advisable too. Camera is a must to capture the panoramic views and a tripod would add to the perfection if your hands lack steadiness.

To appreciate its height and get an altogether diverse perspective you should not miss the Millau Viaduct Information and Tour which is located on the D992 road.
To get a rustic feel, a visit to one of the 10 plus beaux villages de France situated close to Peyre and Millau too.

With all the facts and figures mentioned above, touring this place, if not a compulsion then should definitely be in your bucket list. It will be an opportunity of a lifetime to visit this modern gigantic construction worth 394million pounds, and should not be missed at any cost as its breathtaking design and craftsmanship is unique and has a distinct story to tell. On your trip to France, you can visit this engineering marvel for a thorough tour.

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Top 10 Exciting Things To Do In Bratislava To Explore The Slovak Capital

The city of Bratislava is the youngest European metropolis and the largest city of Slovakia, backed by a very eventful past. This city is a mix of the olden eras and the new eras. You will be as fascinated with the architectural designs of the castles and buildings as you will be tempted by the cafes, restaurants, and pubs here. The historic Old Town of Bratislava is the perfect place to visit if you want to go back in time and discover the fountains, parks, and streets of Bratislava that were built centuries ago. You can also head to the modern-day shopping malls or take day trips to the places around the city when you are in Bratislava

Wondering what to do in Bratislava? Here is a guide to all the things you must add to your ‘Bratislava to-do list’.

1. Castle Museum Of History

Castle Museum Of History

Visit the Museum of History at the Bratislava Castle. When you walk through the main gate of the castle, the first thing you would see on the left side is a short exhibition called ‘The Witness of the Past’ which displays the different discoveries that were made on the castle. The main and most interesting exhibits are displayed in the main building called ‘The Castle Gallery’. When you go inside the museum, you will see a royal-looking white hall adorned with golden designs on the walls and a red carpet waiting to welcome you! Next, go to the Music Hall which was previously the 18th-century chapel. Here you can spend some time listening to the music that a professional pianist plays. The top floor of the museum also has two rooms. The first one is where you can find a collection of pictures from the former President, Rudolf Schuster’s travels. The second one is an exhibition called ‘How the Time was Measured’, a display of lots of clocks, maps, books, and globes. Apart from the permanent exhibitions, the Slovak Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions. This museum is a delight for those who have a keen interest in learning about the history of a place.

Location: Bratislava Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM, Mondays closed
Entry Ticket: 7 Euros per person

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2. UFO Bridge

UFO Bridge

Get the most stunning views of Bratislava from the UFO Bridge. The UFO Bridge of Bratislava is one of the most well-known symbols and is officially known as the SNP Bridge, which stands for ‘Slovak National Uprising’. If you are wondering why this is called the UFO Bridge, it is mainly because the design of this bridge was inspired by the futurism of the early 1960s because of which, the top part of this bridge is a UFO-shaped structure, resembling a flying saucer. This bridge has an elevator that takes you to the top part of the UFO-lookalike structure. Once you go up the elevator, you will reach the viewing platform from where you can get some of the best views of Bratislava. You can also grab a delicious meal at the restaurant perched at a height of 90 meters above the river on the UFO Bridge, affording super scenic views of Bratislava. Dining at this restaurant seated almost in the sky is one of the best things to do in Bratislava at night as the shining lights of the region only make it a more beautiful view.

Location: Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 11 PM

3. Grassalkovich Presidential Palace


Take a walk in the gardens of the Presidential Palace of Bratislava that is inspired by the Baroque style of architectural design, one of the most popular design styles of that era. While you might not be able to enter the palace and have a look at the interiors, you can take a long walk around the blooming gardens designed in a typically French style. constructed in the year 1760, these gardens surround the Presidential Palace and have lush greenery. All you have to do here is take a long walk in the garden and click lots of pictures with the palace in the background. Don’t forget to slip out of your footwear for a bit and walk barefoot on the soft grass. Walking around at these prestigious palace gardens is easily one of the best things to do in Bratislava, especially if you are looking at spending some time with loved ones and relaxing.

Location: Hodžovo námestie 2978/1, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
Timings: April-Sep 9 AM – 9 PM, October-March 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry Tickets: Free admission to the garden

4. Blue Church

Blue Church

One of the things to do in Bratislava is admiring the beauty of the Blue Church. Lying in the Eastern part of the Old Town, the Blue Church, as it is popularly called, is originally the Church of St. Elisabeth. This church is a classic church which is designed in the art nouveau architectural design and looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale. If you happen to visit this church on a rather sunny day, you will see how the colors of the clear sky match the colors of this gorgeous church. Everything about the church is unique and is a monotone of blue, right from the blue mosaics, to the facades, to the glazed blue roof. Looking to get some amazing pictures in Bratislava? The exteriors of the Blue Church will make for the best background! If at all you are feeling blue when in Bratislava, this Blue Church is going to free you of all those blues, filling you up with lots of joy and your phone gallery with lots of artsy pictures.

Location: Alžbety, Bezručova 2, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 7-7:30 AM, 5:30-7 PM

5. Devin Castle

Devin Castle

Built in a Gothic architectural style, the Devin Castle is about ten kilometers away from the city center of Bratislava. The castle is seated at the confluence of the River Danube and the River Morava. In the olden times, this castle was the prime controller of the trade route of the River Danube. This Devin Castle is a well-preserved ruin which is a hot-spot for tourists visiting Bratislava, especially because of the geographical position of the castle. We suggest you reach the castle early in the morning to avoid the crowds and to douse in the peaceful vibes of the place. Around this castle, you will also find bike trails through which you can explore the verdant surroundings of the castle. If you are traveling with family, you could also lend a canoe and cruise through the River Morava. When you get hungry, you can stop over at one of the restaurants in Devin and try out the local Slovak cuisine. One of the things to do in Bratislava is taking a day trip to the Devin Castle

Location: Muránská 1050/10, 841 10 Devín, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM
Entry Fee: 5 Euros

6. Old Town of Bratislava

Old Town of Bratislava

The Old Town of Bratislava is the historic center of Bratislava and was the main connection between the neighboring areas and the outskirts, around the Middle Ages. In the Old Town of Bratislava, head to St. Michael’s Tower, an exhibition of weaponry and city fortifications. Even walking around the cobbled streets of the Old Town is one of the most fun things to do in Bratislava as the colorful pastel buildings and narrow pathways make you feel all touristy. If you just want to sit around and people-watch, we suggest you to push off to the Main Square at the Old Town where you can just sit and watch people go about their day. With all the walking around, when you start getting hungry, step into one of the local cafes and grab a bite or two. Exploring the streets of the old town is one of the interesting things to do in Bratislava.

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia.

7. Slovak National Gallery

Slovak National Gallery

The Slovak National Gallery sits in the Eszterhazy palace, by the side of the famous River Danube of Bratislava. At the Slovak National Gallery, you will be able to see exhibitions of classical art as well as modern art. Those interested in the Gothic and Baroque design styles will love the gallery as it also has a host of sculptures that are inspired by these art styles. Make sure you stop over at the small souvenir shop and library before you leave this gallery. The best way to explore this three-storey gallery is to start from the third floor and then come down to the lower floors. After you visit the gallery, we suggest you take a stroll by the river before you head to the next sightseeing spot. The Slovak National Gallery also holds temporary exhibitions, so check their website before you visit so you know what to expect. If you are an art lover, one of the things to do in Bratislava is visiting the exhibitions at this gallery.

Location: Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 811 02, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry Fee: Free Admission

8. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Opened in the year 2000, the Danubian Meulesteen Art Museum is the newest addition to Bratislava’s art galleries. Situated on the peninsula jutting out on the River Danube, this art museum is about fifteen kilometers away from the city center. This museum is built in the style of a Roman gallery surrounded by the shallow waters of the River Danube. You will find brilliant works of art, made by world famous international artists at this Art Museum. On the ground level of the museum, you will find a gallery that displays contemporary art while the outer grounds of the art gallery are spread over a humongous 8000 square meters where you can see the most stunning sculptures on display.

Location: Vodné dielo Slovensko, 851 10 Bratislava-Čunovo, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry Fee: 10 Euros for adults

9. Funus Bar

Funus Bar

The Funus Bar is the oldest family-owned garden pub of Bratislava and is a hot favourite with the locals. If you think this bar is just like any other overcrowded bar you would go to, you are mistaken! This bar is located in the open and is surrounded by well-maintained gardens and old chestnut trees. Funus serves great food and chilled beers. The pub is situated near the main railway station and is very easy to locate, making it easier for tourists to pay a visit. It has been said that this place was frequently visited by notable Slovak patriots, writers, poets and politicians around the 19th century. If you happen to speak to the locals at this pub, you will find that most of them are regular patrons at this bar, visiting the pub as frequently as once a week. Getting a drink at Funus Bar has to be on your to-do list as it is one of the best things to do in Bratislava at night.

Location: Prokopa Veľkého 1, 811 04 Staré Mesto, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

10. Bratislavian Forest


Take a chairlift over the Bratislavian Forest. Perched on the Koliba hill in the Carpathian Mountain region, right above the center of Bratislava city. The chairlift here was first opened to the public in 1972 and has since been frequented by couples, families, enthusiastic hikers and lots of tourists. The Carpathian region of Bratislava gives you a chance to step away from all the chaos of the city life. Once you reach the Koliba hill, you will have to walk up the hill for about half an hour before you reach the Koliba tower, the place where you will find the chairlift. This 50-year-old chairlift and will take you at an elevated height from where you can watch the beautiful views of the forest and the surroundings. Even if you don’t do the chairlift, you can relax and soak in the tranquillity of this dense forest. Sitting in the chairlift and overlooking the forest is definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Bratislava. If you like hiking, you will love this place and this experience!

Location: About 8 minutes from the Presidential Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you are planning a Europe trip with Bratislava included in your itinerary, you should put these things to do on your list to make the most of your vacation. Slovakia is one hell of amazing destination to plan a trip to. If you are always looking for new places, then this country should make it to your list. When are you booking your tickets to Bratislava to explore the beauty of this melting pot of culture, architecture, and art?

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The 10 Most Beautiful Lakes In Austria For An Exotic Europe Getaway

Landlocked in the center of Europe, Austria is known for its picturesque landscapes. There are several scenic lakes in Austria which are popular among tourists as well as the locals. Dominating the beautiful terrain of Austria, these lakes are a must-visit for all nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and couples.

If you are planning to visit Austria soon, you must visit some of Austria’s best lakes set in the lap of nature.

1. Lake Achensee

Lake Achensee austria

One of the largest Austrian lakes, it is also known as the nickname Fjord of the Alps. The place offers stunning views of lakes and mountains in Austria while the crystal clear turquoise waters make for an unforgettable visit. The lake is buzzing with activities like swimming, windsurfing, rafting, kite surfing, and paddle surfing during the summer months.

Perfect for: Honeymooners
Accessibility: Easy

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2. Hallstatter See

Hallstatter See lake austria

Hallstatter is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Austria. It is a small village with traditional Austrian architecture and built near the Dachstein mountains on Hallstätter See, creating a picturesque oasis.

Perfect for: Hiking and Scuba Diving
Accessibility: Easy

3. Mondsee

Mondsee lake austria

Mondsee, meaning Moon Lake in English, is one of the most famous lakes in Austria near Salzburg. This lake is the epitome of scenic beauty with a delightful lakeside village. It makes up for perfect Austrian lake holidays which lets its visitors escape the hustle and bustle of their otherwise busy lives. This is also a popular destination for weddings.

Perfect for: Hiking and relaxing
Accessibility: Easy

4. Traunsee

Traunsee lake austria

Traunsee is the deepest lake in Austria near Salzburg. Traunsee, meaning ‘Dream Lake’, is surrounded by quaint villages to visit such as Altmünster and Traunkirchen and the Schloss Ort castle. This lake is very popular for its outdoor activities as well Lungy, an underwater creature that is believed to live here.

Perfect for: Adventure lovers
Accessibility: Easy

5. Plansee

Plansee lake austria

Located in the Tyrol region of Austria, Lake Plansee is the second largest water body found in this region. It is further connected to another lake via a canal, called the Heiterwang. The lake is an unparalleled spot for outdoor enthusiasts and an absolute must visit for tourists.

Perfect for: Boating, jogging, cycling, inline skating, scuba diving, fishing, camping
Accessibility: Easy

6. Gruner See

Gruner See lake austria

The literal meaning of Gruner See is Green Lake owing to the vibrant emerald green colour of the water. Surprisingly, it is comprised of melted snow from the Karst Mountains, making the water extremely cold even during summers. However, Gruner See is a remarkable sight and makes for amazing Austrian lake and mountain holidays.

Perfect for: Scuba diving
Accessibility: Easy

7. Faaker See

Faaker See lake austria

This is considered to be the cleanest Austrian lake with drinkable water. You need to pay only a small fee to relax by the lake, basking in the sun, or take a swim here. It observes events like the annual European Bike Week, which is the largest rally of motorcycles on the continent. Fishing is also a popular pastime, along with ice skating during winters.

Perfect for: Fishing and ice skating
Accessibility: Easy

8. Millstatter See

Millstatter See lake austria

Situated in the Carinthia region of Austria and known to be an incredible terrain are the Nock Mountains and the Drava Valley, and the Woodd Hochgosch area to the south. The view is simply breathtaking! This is a popular spot for Austrian lake holidays. The mountains protect the lake from cold winter winds, which means that the water temperature is suitable for swimming during summers.

Perfect for: Swimming
Accessibility: Easy

9. Zellersee

Zellersee lake austria

Zallersee or Lake Zell is a relatively small but beautiful freshwater lake. Because of its small size, Zellersee freezes in winters, making it perfect for year-round fun.

Perfect for: Swimming, fishing, kayaking, ice skating
Accessibility: Easy

10. Weissensee

Weissensee lake austria

Also known as White Lake, this is a glacial lake incredibly popular for all types of activities. There is a ban on the use of private motor boats in this region, thereby ensuring a peaceful atmosphere and abundance of wildlife here.

Perfect for: Canoeing, fishing, hiking, skiing
Accessibility: Easy

Austria makes for an ideal vacation destination in Europe. If you are planning an Austrian lakes summer holiday, book a customised Europe package right away and experience sheer bliss on your getaway!

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10 Exotic Cafes In Novena Every Foodie Must Tick Off While In Singapore!

Novena, Singapore is a planning square or a popular place in Singapore. This place is like a proper place with good connection of public transport and quite some important buildings. You have significant buildings like the national neuroscience institute of Singapore, Tan Tock Seng Hospital- which is one of the oldest hospitals in Singapore. Also, you have some really good cafes around in this place. Novena is close to the city center and this is an area which is quite convenient for professionals and children alike. This is also an area which is quite happening and you will find some rich businessmen here. Well, coming back to the food and shopping, you have some really great markets and food places where you can enjoy with a bunch of friends.

While in Singapore, don’t just go for shopping and sightseeing. Make sure to keep these cafes in Novena in your bucket list while roaming around the city.

1. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

This place is an amazing place for coffee lovers and someone who prefers quiet. You have the option of take away here and this place is children friendly too! You also get some good beer and wine here and the best part is free Wi-Fi! The sad part is this café doesn’t do any delivery but you can choose for take away. This place is not highly priced and also, you get some really good coffee. Here is some additional information which might be of some help to you:

Rating: 3.75/5
Location: 173 Thomson Road, Singapore 307623
Average price for two: $16-20
Timings: 8.30 AM-9 PM

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2. Joe and Dough

Joe and Dough

Joe and Dough is a homegrown chain which are quite famous in the city. They have really comfortable lounges and they source the best beans. They also prepare some amazing coffee which you have to taste if you are a coffee addict. The coffee here is really tasty and the people there make sure there is some flavor added to it. Here is some additional information which might be of some use.

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 10 Sinaran Dr, 01-156, Singapore, 307506
Average price for two: less than $15.
Timings: 8.00 AM-9.30 PM

3. La Ristrettos

La Ristrettos

This place has the best brunch menu and coffee! This café has great breakfast menu and the food is pretty decent here. This Italian café also has outdoor and indoor seating. Also, it has pastas and bruschetta and other tasty dishes to order. You also have desserts to order from. Here is some additional information which you may require when you are looking for some recommendations:

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 10 Sinaran Dr, #08-37, Singapore 307506
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 8.00 AM-6.00 PM

4. Enchanted Café

Enchanted Café

This place is tucked in Little India, Novena and it is somehow a delight to always eat here. You have the amazing brunch menu here and you should not miss it if you are a fan of good food. Also, this place is a small one but the décor is simply amazing. The vibe too is positive and you will definitely not have any issue with a seat. The food is well presented here and also they taste really good. But here is some more additional information which might be of some help when you are looking for suggestions:

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-04, Singapore 218374
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 12 PM -11.00 PM

5. Siamese Cat Café

Siamese Cat Café

This café has really an amazing décor. You may think this is just another Thai Café which only has drinks and desserts but that’s not it. You have other popular Thai dishes like Phad Thai, Thai Green Curry and the others. There are wonderful other dishes that you have to try and which is why you need to visit this café very soon. Here is some extra information which might be of some help to you

Location: Singapore, Thomson Rd, 238
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings:8 AM- 10.00 PM
Rating: 4.5/5

6. Old Hen Coffee Bar

Old Hen Coffee Bar

This place is a small café but a very adorable one.You have nice seating arrangements and you can literally work here for hours without any disturbance. You have that coffee café atmosphere and if you really want the quiet, you need to try to go a little after dinner. Also if you are up for some brew, then this is the best place. And this is those cases where you can chill alone or catch up with a friend. The food here is pretty tasty and you should come here very soon if you haven’t visited this place yet. Here is some additional information which might be of help to you:

Rating: 4/5
Location: #01, 88 Rangoon Rd, 3, Singapore 218374
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 12.PM- 10.00 PM

7. Wheeler’s Yard

Wheeler's Yard

Wheeler’s Yard is a bicycle café situated in Balestier, Novena. It has this industrial warehouse set up which looks very aesthetic and photography friendly. This is a work hanger which is built into an eatery and they have done a fabulous job with the décor and the seating. The food here is amazing too. You need to try the chicken and you will really love it. Here is some extra information which might be of some help to you:

Rating: 4.2/5
Location: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 10.30 AM- 10.00 PM

8. Monniker


Another cute place to hang out, Monniker is a good café with a lot of peace. You need to come to this place if you want to explore the café and the city in an offbeat track. This café is run only on weekends and the food is really amazing. Since the food is good, it is recommended that you reserve your seats well in advance. Here is some additional information which might be of some help to you.

Rating: 4.0/5
Location: 387 Balestier Rd, Singapore
Average price for two: $16-30.
Timings: 9 AM- 5 PM (open only on Saturdays and Sundays)

9. The Clueless Goat Café

The Clueless Goat Café

This place is a family friendly café and they serve great salmon egg benedict. The service is really friendly but this place can be a little crowded sometimes because of the place. The coffee is amazing, the décor is lively and you can nicely enjoy your time here.

Rating: 4.3/5
Location: 189 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307631
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 8AM- 7 PM

10. Cedele Bakery Café

Cedele Bakery Café

Another wonderful café, you get some of the best desserts in town. This shop is in a mall and sometimes the service can be bad. But overall, you get some nice coffee and delicious cakes and pastries that you will love it around there. According to the owners, to them food is passion and food is love. It is really amazing that they work on food!

Rating: 3.6/5
Location: 238 Thomson Road #01-01/02/03/04 Novena Square, Singapore 307683
Average price for two: $16-20
Timings: 10 AM – 9 PM

These are some of the best places to have some quick food in the Novena Area. So make sure to visit some nice cafés in and around Novena and enjoy a relaxing lunch with a view while on your vacation to Singapore.

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East Coast Park Guide: Everything A Curious Traveler Needs To Know!

Summers are the best time to head over to the beach to enjoy some much-needed relaxation and downtime from the usual hauntings of life. Whether it is with kids or with family and friends, being with a group somehow makes a beach vacation better. But picnics and barbeque aren’t enough to make one appreciate the beach better, one has to to step into the water once. For those yearning about going on a beach holiday, the perfect place to head to is the East Coast Park.

About East Coast Park

The East Coast Park map shows it to be a 185 hectare Singaporean Beach which is located around the Marine Parade and encompasses Tampines and Bedok along the southeast coast of the nation. The park was opened up in the 1970s when the then governed was completing its process of reclaiming land from the coast of Katong which extended from Kallang to Changi. A park is a place of respite for various kinds of seaside communities like Bedok, Marine Parade and Kallang. People come over here to unwind and relax. There are facilities for barbeque pits, good centers, chalets as well as other amenities for various types of sports activities. People can even fish in here or carry out overnight camping.

Cost: The park is open the whole day, but the best time to head out there is from the early morning hours to late afternoon. East coast park Singapore entry fee is nil, but renting inline skates, bikes and such costs about $3 per hour. Other activities which you choose to partake in will cost differently.

Best Time To Visit East Coast Park

Visit during the low season, which is from August to October. Try to avoid mid-September because the Singapore Grand Prix is held with great pomp and promotion during this time. These months are highly suitable for a visit since there is a little break in tourist traffic during early fall and late summer.

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Check out the list of things that you can do at the famous East Coast Park in Singapore. Keep scrolling down to know more!

1. Beach Life

Beach Life

The east coast park has a sandy beach which is just perfect for families and kids to enjoy their day in. Come here to stretch your stress away and enjoy the beach near Car Park E2 (near the lagoon). You don’t have to bring your sand toys if you don’t want to, there are facilities available which would allow you to rent them. Moreover, there are kiosks, which rent bikes as well to complete your Beach excitement. Apart from the beach over at E2, there is also one in front of Parkland Green at Area C.

2. Cycling


East coast park cycling is an expert in itself due to the tracks offered. The kiosk to go for when attempting to rent a bike is at the blue kiosk. This is because cycling is one of the major activities which you can enjoy while here. The park has a flat terrain which makes it really ideal for going pedaling on two wheels. But it’s not mandatory that you have to rent a cycle to enjoy a ride, you can bring yours as well. Their rentals can be found at Area B, Area C, and Area E.

3. Sea Sport

Sea Sport

The Aloha Sea sports over here offers amazing opportunities to enjoy the water apart from just going swimming. You can opt for stand up paddling (SUP) or windsurfing courses with an instructor from here and these are available in both beginner and advanced levels. They also provide the facility of renting SUP and windsurfing equipment from the center. They also have SUP boards for kids so that they can participate as well. You will find the Aloga Sea Sports near the Area E Lagoon

4. Water Ski Park

Water Ski Park

Come over the Singapore Wake Park to enjoy a cable ski facility where you can enjoy a water sport without even going out into the open sea. Your experience with it doesn’t matter, just as long as you enjoy water skiing. Even children as young as six can take part.

5. Xtreme SkatePark

Xtreme SkatePark

It is the size of about two and a half football fields, which also means that it’s that much fun. Located over at Area F, besides Car Park F1, there is a wide range of circuits in here for various degrees of proficiency. Once you head over there, you will find rails, ramps, bowls and more features which will provide the needed challenge to let loose and have fun. Everyone from adults to teens and kids is welcome over here with various kinds of vehicle ranging from a skateboard, cycle or a scooter. Just come here to experience some extreme fun.

6. Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Image Courtesy

If you feel like taking a break from all the outdoor fun then the indoors brings you, Laser Tag. Come over at the facility located over at Parkland Green for some unlimited fun. The facility has two rooms and they can accommodate up to 20 people at a time. But it is advisable to call ahead and ensure that there aren’t any private bookings during the time slot you want to head down. Once it’s confirmed, then bring your friends over to Area C and get ready for some fight.

7. Marine Cove Children’s Playground

Marine Cove Children's Playground

Image Courtesy

Looking for an East coast park playground so that the kids can enjoy too? Then this is the ideal place to head to. Designed like a lighthouse, this children’s playground park has swings and a whole lot more toys and facilities so that they can play as much as they want. As the name says, kids will have a lot of fun here playing everything from hiding and seek more fun games. Fun is the name of the game here.

8. BBQ


There are some amazing East coast park restaurants, but for some authentic camping experience, a BBQ is best. Everyone knows that going to the beach for some games and watersports or just to soak up some heat is fun, but without some food, it kind of doesn’t feel complete. So book a barbeque put over at the East Coast Park in Singapore and carry your own raw materials to cook up a storm as you enjoy the sea and its treasures. You can book one of those barbeque pits by using an AXS machine.

9. Camping


If you really want to enjoy the atmosphere at the beach then arranging for some East coast park camping is the way to go about it. Bring your camping equipment and enjoy being close to the water and have an unlimited barbeque session. The major designated camping areas are at Areas D and G. You can apply for a permit over at any AXS station and don’t forget to bring your camera go click some nice memories for home.

  • Remember that you will need a permit for a lot of things in this Beach, like a camping permit which you can either book through an AXS self-service machine or online. But to do this you will need to be on a long term visa to Singapore or be a permanent resident.
  • Don’t have open fires in here, instead just hire a barbeque pit for cooking and fires.
  • Remember that you can’t bring your own BBQ puts except in very specific locations like public holidays and such.
  • For camping, Pulau Ubin is also a good place as it is more secluded than the mainland and you can also enjoy off-road biking over here since there are some good trails over here.

A beach vacation is always a memorable experience, but East Coast Park offers your something more in the form of the bevy of faculties. Enjoy them all and that too at a low cost to make your Singapore vacay complete.

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Lithuania Travel Guide: Know Everything About This European Country Before Planning Your Vacation!

Lithuania is a place with otherworldly quality which is popularly known for the Baltic sea breeze and endless mid-summer days. This European country has a long list of must-see sights all around and considering that its history was forged by long term alliances with Poland located to the west, conflicts sustained with Sweden, Russia, and the Teutonic Knights. The beaches and the medieval woodland statues are the highlights of the streets of Lithuania. To compliment its rustic surroundings, the country is filled up with buildings made in the 19th century. With such variety penetrating within the boundaries, it is very important to keep this handy Lithuania travel guide to not miss out any of these views.

Best Time To Visit

May or September, the summer months are perfect for visiting the old towns and cobbles without having the crowds. But if you are going for bird watching then the months of March to April or September to October are good times.

Ideal Time To Spend

As much time you spend in a place, the more you will get to know about it. But ideally, 4 to 5 days will be enough in Lithuania.

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1. Vilnius


Vilnius Lithuania travel guide is everywhere because this town has it all. This is a huge treasure trove of gorgeous Gothic and medieval wonders were baroque meets the Russo style of architecture. In the old town, with its cobbled roadways, you will love to see the amazing cafes which are splattered all over the plazas, the soaring Gediminas and the castle citadel which dates from the medieval 13th century. As for the new town, there’s the night time fun with rock clubs, beer bars and the Republic of Uzupis, which is touted as Europe’s boho district. This Republic is situated right on the edge of town and is full of graffiti-laden streets and drinking joints.

2. Kaunas


Any respectable travel guide to Lithuania will mention this place. Formed out of the amalgamation of Nemunas and Neris, this city heads right into the mainlands of Central Lithuania and it is proudly touted to be the partying capital and an alternative hub of the nation. Students come here in droves to the part the night away in places like the boulevard of Laisves Aleja and the craft bars which line with the center. But daytime also has a lot to offer in terms of historic red brick buildings. Come here to visit Kaunas Castle and the cobblestone alleys of Old Town which show how medieval and pretty go together. But also make sure to visit the exhibitions which are dedicated to M.K Ciurlionis, who is one of Lithuania’s most favored artist.

3. Kernave


Kernave is a UNESCO attested sight which is full of history and goes back further than any other town of Lithuania. It is touted to be first ever medieval capital if Grand Duchy and it is thought that in the 13th and 14th century, the golden age bloom took place in here. Come here to see the archeological reserves, which are full of relics and burial sites. There are throne rooms and more, which date back to the late Palaeolithic Period as well.

1. Trakai Castle: Take That Trip

Trakai Castle

Trakai is actually a lake resort which is also a historically important city as well. It is close to Vilnius and makes for a really good day trip if you want to explore the areas around town. The castle dates back to the 13th century and apart from the castle, you will find that it is also the home of the Trakai Historical National Park, which was established in 1991. But there’s more as well, like the Island Castle which serves as hosts to the Trakai Castle Festival. Bring your camera as well because this entire town is surrounded by calm water.

Location: Trakai 21142, Lithuania

2. Devil’s Museum: Be A Braveheart

Devil's Museum

Located in Kansas, this museum holds a huge collection of artwork which might clue in the visitors regarding the content. You will find artwork which depicts images of witches, devils as well as other mythological creatures. There are more than 3,000 pieces over here and you can even donate items for their collection. There are lots of work over here and they involve different materials like textiles, ceramics and other items like pebbles as well which feature images of the devil.

Location: V. Putvinskio g. 64, Kaunas 44211, Lithuania

3. St. Anne’s Church: A Must Visit

St. Anne's Church

Located in Vilnius, St Anne’s Church is definitely one of the most beautiful buildings in Lithuania. It is constructed out of brick towers and pretty rose windows. The spires over here date back from the 1501s and they were designed in the Gothic style. Inside the church, you will find high ceilings along with carved pews. Don’t forget to notice the grand Bell which sits together with the St. Bernardine and St. Francis churches. These three come together to form the larger Bernadine Priory.

Location: Maironio g. 8, Vilnius 01124, Lithuania


The previous Lithuanian currency was Litas, but from 1st January 2015; it was replaced by Euro.1 Euro equals 80.91 Indian Rupee

There are various types of visas which will be applicable depending on the purpose of your travel to this country. But the general documents which are needed for a Lithuanian Visa are:

  • Download the online application form, fill it up and provide correct details. Attach 2 photos to it of passport format.
  • Bring your passport as well as copies of your previous visas, which must be valid for at least 3 months beyond that of your return date. Also, ensure that your passport has at least two blank pages. There should also be a copy of the return ticket reservation.
  • You will also need Europe to travel medical insurance of at least 30,000€ coverage within the country of Lithuania as well as the entire Schengen area.
  • Write a cover letter which states the purpose of your visit to the country along with the itinerary.
  • Add in hotel reservation for the duration of your stay in the country. Also, put in proof of civil status (if needed)
  • You will also need to provide proof of sufficient financial means for the period of your stay in the country. Remember that any foreign person who wants to enter into Lithuania will have to attest to the Lithuanian Consulate or Embassy a possession of 40€/day.

What To Pack

  • For general styles, jeans are popular here, along with t-shirts or camisoles. You can also wear dresses and other smart outfits for formal occasions. But Vilnius, being a cosmopolitan city has people dressing up with style always.
  • The temperature changes here within a day and so dressing in layers or light woolen clothes will help you with that.
  • Pack in sunglasses even in winters since sunlight reflects from the white snow.
  • If you are visiting during winters then remember that November turns damp and cold with lots of snow. But then comes February and January which are really cold, so pack in warm layers, gloves, coat, and other such things. Pack in boots with soft water resistant sole.
  • The months of May, June, July, August, September, and October are the warmer ones but the chances of rain remain so pack in an umbrella and raincoat.

These travel tips for Lithuania might have clued you in as to how to navigate this country but overall, it is always recommended that you have fun and explore the city while also respecting the local culture. Thus if you’re traveling to Europe anytime soon, then make sure to explore this medieval country.

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