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10 Most Famous Photography Places In Hungary To Get Ultimate Clicks!

Hungary is a country that is located in the Central part of Europe. This place is famous for its extraordinary beautiful landscapes and nature. The castles of the medieval period have always attracted people from all over the world. Hungarian culture was highly influenced by the Romans and the Turkish. Every year people from all over the world come to this land for discovering its beauty and capture such beauties in one frame. There are many resorts that are located in and around the country. The neoclassical buildings are mainly found in this country. Hungarian is the official language of this country. The culture and history of Hungary are quite famous all over the world. This country provides the best photography places in Hungary.

Let’s have a look at some of the best photography places in Hungary that is ideal for taking snaps. So come and know more about these places.

1. Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman's Bastion

This is the best place to take photos. If you reach the top of this place, then the snaps will appear more beautiful and clear. This place across the Danube Rover really provides a very panoramic view. You can take snaps and frame it. Matthias Church is also a mind-blowing the place to take snaps. The multi-colored tiles are also an awesome background for taking photos. So come and explore the amazing photography places in Hungary.

Location: Budapest

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2. The Chain Bridge At Night

The Chain Bridge At Night

This bridge provides a stunning background for taking photos. The bridge gets an awesome look, especially during nights. The whole bridge gets beautifully decorated with colorful lights. In fact, the best location to take the snaps of the bridge is in the front portion. The shot that is taken before the stunning lions standing along the bridge is the best one. In order to avoid the traffic on the bridge, you can avail the island that is in the middle of the bridge.

Location: Budapest

3. View Of Buda Side From Pest

View Of Buda Side From Pest

There are rooftop bars that can be the best place for taking snaps. If you have a strong passion for taking photos, then this place would be the best one. The Danube River that flows along the country also creates a beautiful scene. The Buda Castle can be best captured from this point. Don’t miss the awesome opportunity to take snaps from here. You will really like to know more about the best photography places in Hungary.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

4. St. Stephen’s Square And Basilica

St. Stephen's Square And Basilica

This place is named after the first king of Hungary. This place also provides excellent views to take photos of both the church and the roof. The interior portion of the palace also provides an excellent background for taking snaps. If you wish then this is the best spot for taking good snaps.

Location: Basilica

5. Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill

It is another place for taking photos. Gellert Hill is also the home of the Citadel and Liberty Statue. The statue mainly commemorates the memory of those persons who fought bravely and lost their lives for the independence of the country. You can take the impressive photos of the memorials and frame it. This place is a great location for taking panoramic shots of the whole of Budapest. You can use the stairs to set it as a good location for taking photos. Many people also sit on the stairs for taking snaps. It would really be a great one. This place is indeed one of the great photography places in Hungary.

6. Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

This place is famous for its ruin bars. There is much stuff in and around this place. There are ample photo opportunities for those who can take good photos. This place also attracts people from all over the world to take good snaps. So don’t miss the opportunities to take good photos. During the afternoon, this place remains less crowded so you can take good snaps at this time.

7. Hungarian Parliamentary Buildings

Hungarian Parliamentary Buildings

One of the tallest and largest buildings of Budapest is indeed a great place for taking snaps. It is also a stunning place for taking photos. The best location to take photos is on the side that is on the bank of the Danube River. The huge symmetrical building will look awesome on one frame. Even the inside portion of the building is as much beautiful as is the outer portion. Even you can plan for a guided tour of this place.

8. Shoes On The Danube

Shoes On The Danube

It is a great memorial place for the victims who were forced to open the shoes before being gunned so that their bodies will float on the Danube River very easily. There are shoes that still represent their presence. It can be one of the most iconic photos till date. The Danube River helped in floating the bodies swiftly. The background of the Danube River can be the best one for taking snaps. This photo brings the troublesome history of Budapest. In fact, most of the people love to gather information about the best photography places in Hungary before stopping there.

Location: Budapest

9. Memento Park

Memento Park

It is an open air museum that will provide you with the absolute background for taking photos. This museum mainly represents the Hungary communist period’s stories. Republic of Council monument can be one of the best options for taking snaps. This park is located on the outer part of the city. You can hire a scooter and go to this place. The entire background is perfect for taking pictures. There are amazing statues that can be placed at the background while taking photos. Most of the people arrive at this place for spending good times.

Location: Hungary

10. New York Café

New York Café

It is said to be one of the most beautiful cafés in the whole world. The whole place is so well maintained and till now it has kept its good reputation. The interior architecture is simply superb and ideal for taking snaps during gatherings. Apart from taking photos of the interior the café also serves good and tasty foods and drinks. The whole ambiance is absolutely peaceful and lovely for spending good times with family and friends. It seems that you are having coffee in the Royal Palace. You can take good snaps in any position of the café. It is a world famous place.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Hungary has really occupied a great position by offering good places for taking snaps. Almost all the places are ideal for taking snaps. You can go to any place and take snaps at any time. There are many people who come from different corners of the world to cherish the beauty of this land along with taking snaps. Hungary has a good history that can be revealed in these places. Apart from providing a fantastic photo location, the country seems to be a very peaceful one in all aspects. If you wish to capture some beautiful moments, then this place is the best one. There are many people on this earth who always wish to know more about the best photography locations in Hungary. It is a very interesting subject. So, plan a trip to Europe and satiate your hunger at Hungary!

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10 Amazing Naples Museums You Must Not Miss Out On When In Italy

One of the most ancient cities in Europe, the history of Naples goes back to 470 BC when a group of Greek settlers found this gem of a city! Naples has a rich cultural heritage and grand architectural structures that lure people from around the world to appreciate its splendor. You must have heard about the fame of Naples Museums that are known for housing an intriguing collection of art and culture inside their walls. You have to visit these museums to appreciate the special artifacts from Pompeii, Baroque and contemporary artwork, sculptures and more.

If you are looking for famous museums in Naples, Italy to add to your itinerary; your search ends here. Here is a list you can take along when in the beautiful Italian city.

1. National Archaeological Museum of Naples

National Archaeological Museum of Naples

This is known as one of the most popular museums in Italy and definitely one of the most important Naples Museums Archaeology. National Archaeological Museum of Naples has been built inside a palace that dates back to the 16th century and houses many Greek, Roman, and Renaissance artifacts that are a retreat for the eyes and the soul. Some of the most recommended attractions here are the mosaic collection or the secret Cabinet which contains many Roman artifacts. If you’re into history, you could pick an audio guide from the entry gate to receive detailed information about certain pieces.

Location: Piazza Museo, 19, 80135 Napoli NA, Italy
Opening hours: 9 AM – 7:30 PM
Entry Fee: 1200 INR

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2. The National Museum of San Martino


One of the best museums in Naples Italy, The National Museum of San Martino is placed inside the Certosa di San Martino which is a large monastery complex that has been around since 1368. Apart from the interesting displays that one can look at throughout the museum, there is also an option to tour the cloisters that give you the chance to admire the many frescoes and mosaics inside. Some of the most popular attractions in this museum include what is known as Neapolitan presepi or nativity scenes, artwork and sculptures from the 13th to 19th centuries and to top it all, a stunning view of the city from the gardens.

Location: Largo S. Martino, 5, 80129 Napoli NA, Italy
Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Entry Fee: 800 INR

3. Galleria Borbonica

Galleria Borbonica

Visit Galleria Borbonica which served as a royal palace and bomb shelter to the army during the Second World War. As you take a walk through the underground tunnels here and listen from the guide about the military history of this tunnel and the role it played during the war, you will be intrigued at its presence. In fact, one can still look at the remnants of the many things that were used here back in those times such as the tanks, vintage bikes and cars and other fascist statues. There are three different guided tours available and one of them is a particularly interesting one and offers a ride in a raft through an abandoned subway tunnel.

Location: Parcheggio Morelli, Via Domenico Morelli, 61 c, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy
Opening hours: 10 AM – 5 PM
Entry Fee: 900 INR

4. Cappella Sansevero

Cappella Sansevero

One of the gems in the crown of Naples is Cappella Sansevero which is an ornate chapel that has been around since the 16th century. The fact that it is located in the heart of a city along with its stunning interiors makes it a tourist’s favourite. The museum contains some of the greatest artworks that were made by renowned Italian Artists of the 18th century and is one of the most important Art museums in Naples Italy today. However, one piece that stands out amongst all others is a moving and complex statue of the Veiled Christ that was created by Giuseppe Sanmartino, a young artist who received his inspiration from a popular veiled state by the name of Modesty.

Location: Cappella Sansevero, Via Francesco De Sanctis, 19/21, Naples, Italy
Opening hours: 9 AM – 6:30 PM

5. Museo di Capodimonte

Museo di Capodimonte

This is one of the most popular museums in Northern Naples and is situated inside a stunning Bourbon palace. It is one of the largest art museums in the country and unfortunately, one of the most underrated ones. The Museo di Capodimonte consists of some of the most valuable artifacts of the country such as a Farnese collection that was inherited by King Charles VII’s family and invaluable Greek and Roman antiquities. In fact, this museum was built because of the King’s commission in 1738 to house these priceless possessions itself. The museum is huge and is a sprawling property that spreads across hundreds of rooms as well as the National Gallery that houses paintings by the most popular names in art from the Middle Centuries such as Raphael and Caravaggio.

Location: Via Miano, 2, 80131 Napoli NA,Italy
Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Entry Fee: 1000 INR

6. Catacombs of San Gennaro

Catacombs of San Gennaro

One of the most important Naples museums, Catacombs of San Gennaro is loved by both locals as well as tourists. Part of the reason behind this goes to the fact that it is built over the tomb of San Gennaro, who was the patron saint of the city as well as the tombs of the first bishops of Naples. This museum is truly one of the most popular underground attractions of Naples and is carved out of tufa rock. The structure also contains many frescoes and mosaics that have been impeccably preserved and owing to first class lighting system, one can appreciate these in their full glory.

Location: Via Capodimonte, 13, 80100 Napoli NA, Italy
Opening hours: 10 AM – 5 PM

7. Certosa di San Martino

Certosa di San Martino

While it is mostly known for being one of the most interesting museums in Naples, it has gained popularity in recent years owing to the picturesque views of the city that it offers. The Certosa di San Martino gives one stunning views of Mount Vesuvius and for this reason, has evolved into a tourist landmark in the city. The museum is an erstwhile Carthusian monastery from the 14th century and one of the highlights of this museum includes a large cloister. The museum has been constructed in the Neapolitan Baroque style and includes a world renowned collection of Neapolitan native scenes made with figurines and miniature items.

Location: Largo S. Martino, 5, 80129 Napoli NA, Italy
Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Entry Fee: 500 INR

8. Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano

Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano

One of the most stunning remnants of Baroque-inspired architecture in Naples is the Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, locating near the busy Via Toledo. This palace was constructed in the 17th century by Cosimo Fanzago, who is known as the greatest Baroque artist of the city. Today, this museum is home to a noteworthy collection of Neapolitan and Italian works belonging to the 17th,18th,19th and 20th centuries. These are houses inside lavish rooms and some of the highlights here include The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula, which is commonplace believed to be the last work done by Caravaggio.

Location: Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, Via Toledo, 185, Naples, Italy
Opening hours: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry Fee: 400 INR

9. Royal Palace of Naples

Royal Palace of Naples

We love that Naples Museums Opening hours allow one to include as many visits as possible during the day since most of them open up early in the morning and are open to visitors till evening. One such Museum you should definitely consider visiting is the Royal Palace of Naples which was built in 1600 by Domenico Fontana and is situated in an area known as Piazza Plebiscito. It has served as the residence of many over the decades: Spanish viceroys, Austrians and lastly, Bourbons.

Location: Via Miano, 2, 80131 Napoli NA, Italy
Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Entry Fee: 1000 INR

10. Museo Madre

Museo Madre

One of the most popular Naples Museums of Art, Museo MADRE stands for The Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina and is one of the most popular museums showcasing contemporary art in Italy. It is located inside the Palazzo Donnaregina and was only transformed into a museum by a popular Portuguese architect, Álvaro Siza Vieira and was opened for the audience in 2005. Some of the most prominent works here include pieces by Andy Warhol and Lucio Fontana, amongst others.

Location: Museo MADRE, Via Luigi Settembrini, 79, Naples, Italy
Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Entry Fee: 650 INR

Naples museums Italy are known over the world and include some of the most splendid marble works. The above mentioned Naples Museums are amongst the primary reason why people flock to this vibrant city each year. Plan a trip to Italy via TravelTriangle to explore this magical place at the best possible price. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to pack your bags!

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A Handy Guide To The World-Famous Confederation Bridge In Canada

The world-famous Confederation Bridge is the biggest landmark in Canada spanning to the Abegweit Passage of Northumberland Strait. With its global identity as an engineering marvel, this bridge connects Canada’s Prince Edward Island with the country’s mainland area of New Brunswick. Besides easing communication and infrastructure, this bridge has become a sought after destination.

About The Confederation Bridge

It was in October 1993 that the construction of the Confederation Bridge began. The bridge was ready and inaugurated for public use after four years on May 31, 1997. There are several interesting factors which distinguish the Confederation Bridge from any other ordinary bridge. This two-lane toll bridge on the Trans-Canada Highway links the Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island with Canada’s Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick side mainland.

Bridge Ocean Pei Confederation Bridge

Experienced engineers were involved to plan Confederation Bridge construction. Highly durable high-grade concrete combined with supporting steels have been used in the precast components for an assured more than a century lifespan of this bridge. In total, more than 5000 workforces that included laborers to senior engineer and managerial staffs were involved to work extensively for 4 years to complete the construction of this bridge.

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Spike In Number Of Tourists

The number of visitors to the Confederation Bridge was 740,000 in 1996, a year before it was formally inaugurated. It received 1,200,000 tourists the following year in 1997 with its formal inauguration. Since then, the number of visitors has dropped. Nowadays, the annual average tourist visitor is approximately 900,000 only. Being the longest bridge in the world crossing ice-covered water, the Confederation Bridge is a tourists’ paradise for those visiting the Canadian region.

You should keep the below-mentioned places in mind to make your Canada trip a memorable experience:

1. Howards Cove Lighthouse

Howards Cove Lighthouse

Located at a distance of mere 15 kilometers, Howards Cove Lighthouse is a great place to visit nearby the Confederation Bridge. It is an amazing landmark in the Prince Edward Island where tourists delve in multiple fun activities in the leisure time and enjoy the calmness of this place.

2. Seven Mile Bay

Seven Mile Bay

The nature lovers won’t miss the famous natural body of water in the Prince Edward Island in Canada named Seven Mile Bay. This famous tourist attraction remains popular for various types of outdoor activities nearby the Confederation Bridge. It is located at a distance of fewer than 15 kilometers from the bridge and always remains filled with the tourists.

3. Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse

Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse

Located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge, the famous Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse is a must-visit at Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is famous for its calm climatic conditions. The visitors feel solace during their stays in this nature’s bounty.

4. Julie’s Yarn Shoppe

Julie's Yarn Shoppe

Travelers as shoppers would always like to find some souvenir to take home as memories. Located at a distance of mere 16 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge, Julie’s Yarn Shoppe brings good varieties of local stuff which everybody would like to have. It is a perfect place for buying gifts at a reasonable price.

5. Murray Beach Provincial Park

Murray Beach Provincial Park

Offering dual advantage of providing sufficient time to the visitors to spend their leisure moments in Murray beach and also have a great stride in the park area, Murray Beach Provincial Park is always rushed by the travelers. It is located at a distance of only 16 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge thus it always remains accessible to all.

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6. Marine Rail Historical Park

Marine Rail Historical Park

A category of rail museum cum park in the Prince Edward Island, Marine Rail Historical Park is located at a distance of only 14 kilometers from the famous landmark in the region, the Confederation Bridge. Tourists include a visit to this park in their itineraries by considering knowing about this region’s glorious past.

7. Right Off the Bat Pottery

Right Off the Bat Pottery

Located at a distance of just 400 meters from the Confederation Bridge, tourists experiment something entirely unique here. This innovative concept of ‘Play in Clay Experiential Workshop’ seeks everybody’s attention. You enjoy can delve into innovative clay ideas in this Gallery for fun moments.

8. Cavendish Figurines Ltd.

Cavendish Figurines

A visit to the Confederation Bridge is a dream cum true experience for tourists. Everybody though seeks to have something unique from a place visited to let others know about that memorable visit. Cavendish Figurines Ltd. is a large gift shop in the Prince Edward Island near the famous bridge. Besides selling various types of local souvenirs to buy and take home, it facilitates perfect eatery option to taste some great local light recipes.

9. Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

The visitors to the Confederation Bridge can’t ignore a trip to nearby Cape Jourimain Nature Centre at the Bayfield, New Brunswick area. This modern eco-center appeals all with its multiple features. The wildlife area is an amazing one. More than 12-kilometer nature trails always seek the adventure lovers’ attention. Other notable attractions are famous exhibit hall and an operational lighthouse existing since the 19th century. Of course, the most popular artisanal boutique here is a must visit. Tourists enjoy great food while observing the enormous look of the Confederation Bridge. They feel its splendor existence while sitting there to sip coffee or taking some yummy food.

10. Borden-Carleton Visitor Information Centre

Borden Carleton Visitor Information Centre

The presence of Borden-Carleton Visitor Information Centre at the Prince Edward Island nearby the Confederation Bridge proves a great relief for the tourists to obtain the desired information about this area. Remain opened every day from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM; this Information Centre in itself is a wonderful place for exploration. Travelers come to know all sorts of details about the island as well as rules pertaining to the world-famous Confederation Bridge nearby it.

Confederation Bridge is recognized as one of the most popular long bridges in the world today. As it has been built on the ice-covered water which connects to the Canadian mainland with the Prince Edward Island, it has gained popularity as an exceptionally unique bridge cum tourist spot. A trip to Canadawill remain complete without a memorable drive on this bridge.

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10 Best Restaurants In Bloemfontein For A Unique Dining Experience!

South Africa has three national capitals and Bloemfontein is one of them. It is the Judicial capital of South Africa and is also a popular tourist destination. It is the seventh largest city in South Africa and has everything for the tourists. Bloemfontein is also known as the city of Roses because of its annual Rose festival that draws attention from all across the world. You can also visit the Cheetah Experience where the breeding and conservation of Cheetahs are done. The historical monuments of the city show the rich culture and history of this beautiful city. Being the birthplace of the famous politicians and many Sporting heroes, Bloemfontein holds a remarkable place not only in South Africa but also in the map of the world. Below is the list of some of the best restaurants in Bloemfontein which you must visit while you are here.

Here is a list of 10 best restaurants in Bloemfontein you should be heading to while holidaying there for a soul-satisfying experience! Take a look!

1. New York Restaurant

New York Restaurant

As the name suggests, this restaurant is themed in New York style and everything about this place reminds you of New York. From appetizers to desserts, the restaurant prepares everything with excellence. The customer service is what will bring you back to this place again and again. The waiters are very friendly and supportive and take care of all your needs. Whether you are with family or friends, this place has just everything for everyone. If you are with your partner, this is one of the best romantic restaurants in Bloemfontein.

Location: 35 c/o Reid Street 2nd Avenue, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1750
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Review: 401

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2. Longhorn Grill Steak House

Longhorn Grill Steak House

The Longhorn Steak house provides fantastic meals at affordable prices and no wonder why it is packed with people all 365 days of the year. The food served in the family space is prepared with patience and excellence. The portions of the meals are sufficient enough to keep you stuffed all day. There is a large wine section where you can have a sip of your favorite wine with the world famous steaks.

Location: Karl Kielblock St, Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: NA
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Review: 388

3. Curry Delights

Curry Delights

Curry Delights is one of the best Indian restaurants in Bloemfontein and if you are Indian or a non-Indian looking to try Indian curries, this restaurant is one of the best places to land. The ambiance and the interiors of the restaurant is excellent and the authentic Indian food prepared with the best quality of spices is what attracts Indians and non-Indians to this place. It is overall a must visit place.

Location: Curie Avenue, Shop 11, Showgate Centre, Hospitaalpark, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1380
TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Review: 40

4. Fatima’s Halal Kitchen

Fatima's Halal Kitchen

Fatima’s Halal Kitchen is one of the most amazing halaal restaurants in Bloemfontein and if you are a fan of Indian and Pakistani cuisine, this place will excite your taste buds. The combination of the best herbs cooked with patience with the top quality spices will make you come back to Fatima’s again and again. The taste of Indian snacks specially is excellent and you won’t find this taste anywhere else in Bloemfontein.

Location: Corner, Charles Street, Oos Burger St, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1775
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Review: 12

5. LEjiT Lekker Restaurant

LEjiT Lekker Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the most affordable restaurants you will find in Bloemfontein and you will surely have a great time here. The vibrant atmosphere is what attracts you to this place and the super quick and friendly staff adds cherry in the cake. The excellent food preparation surely gives a value to your money and you will definitely come here again. It is also a vegetarian friendly restaurant as you will get a wide variety of vegan optin sin the menu.

Location: General Hertzog St, Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1000
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Review: 16

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6. Bella Casa

Bella Casa

Bella Casa is a famous restaurant in Bella casa and is very popular for its Pizzas and other Italian dishes. You will undoubtedly get the best Pizzas in Bell Casa in the whole Bloemfontein. You also get the excellent range of wines here and the prices of everything here are very reasonable. The interiors of this place is very well designed and gives you a pleasant ambiance and is a perfect place for family gatherings.

Location: 31 President Steyn Ave, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1900
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.7
TripAdvisor Review: 201

7. Avanti Restaurant

Avanti Restaurant

If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Bloemfontein, Avanti is probably the best one for you. The Pizzas and Pastas you get here is of excellent quality and you will definitely come here to explore more dishes. It is a vegetarian friendly restaurant and you will get a lot of vegan options in the menu. The waiters are very friendly and well informed and you will surely love their service. The reasonable portions of food and the reasonable prices in the menu makes it a great restaurant.

Location: 53 2nd Ave, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 2050
TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Review: 1

8. Seven On Kellner

Seven On Kellner

Seven on Keller is a European style restaurant that serve excellent food. You will get almost everything here from Lunch, dinner and casual breakfast. The quality of the food prepared is excellent and the staff working here are very well-behaved and well informed. There are many vegan options as well for the vegetarians. The freshness, warmth and cosiness of this place is very attractive and the interiors are amazing.

Location: 7 Kellner Street Reizis Square, Bloemfontein 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 2000
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Review: 178

9. Margaritas Seafood & Steaks

Margaritas Seafood & Steaks

Margaritas as the name suggests is famous for its steaks and is very much popular in Bloemfontein. The food, drinks, desserts and everything here is fresh and excellent in taste and quality. The speciality of this place is that there is a special offer here on every Tuesday where you get 2-for-1 on certain steaks. The prices are from mid-range to higher depending upon the dish you eat. You get a sufficient portion of what you order. Make sure to have steaks here as it is best in the whole city.

Location: 59 Milner Rd, Bayswater, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 2100
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Review: 147

10. Coco C

Coco C

If you are looking for buffet restaurants in Bloemfontein, Coco C is surely the best out of the rest. The wide variety of dishes served in the buffet will make you a fan of this restaurant. The décor of the restaurant is excellent and is worth appreciating. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in the menu as well as in the buffet are amazing and everything which is made here is served with excellence.

Location: 56,2nd Floor, Loch Logan Waterfront, 105/7 Henry St, Willows, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Cost for two: NA
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor Review: 22

The above list of the best restaurants in Bloemfontein will surely help you to explore the best in the city. Tyr out one or all of them and have a wonderful dining experience. So, plan a trip to South Africa and visit these restaurants for a lip-smacking eating experience!

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10 Luxurious Villas In Latvia Which Will Let You Enjoy An Ultimate Royalty Experience!

Latvia is one of those countries that have a mix of culture, tradition, and history. If you gorge around the middle city of the Baltics, you are going to be faced with the crazed daze of the hedonistic party joints but if you delve deeper into the outskirts and the backcountry, you will definitely get a taste of what the real Latvian culture and traditions behold. The one thing, apart from its cities and the majestic architecture, which defines Latvia, is the immense amount of villas that litter this country all over.

While to afford villas in Latvia might seem a bit far fetched, these are actually a very nice alternative for staying in a hotel when comparing the prices.

1. Vējciems


Located in the Kurzeme Region, specifically in Liepene, Vējciems is one of the most popular accommodating villas around in Latvia. The property is located in quite a close proximity to the beach and is often considered as one of the most affordable options around the area. Apart from the basic amenities that come with every villa like a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, and even a satellite connection flat screen TV, it also has a barbeque spot and even offers water sports facilities which are pretty awesome. The property does offer grocery delivery so you can get everything right to your doorstep. Apart from that, it does come with a sun terrace and offers you a wide range of activities to indulge in.

Location: Liepenīte, Tārgales pag., Ventspils nov., Liepene, LV-3601, Latvia
Tariff: 70 euros per night


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2. Kempings Videnieki

Kempings Videnieki

Next on the list of the best villas in Latvia is the Kempings Videnieki. It is situated in Liepene as well and is very closely located to some of the most popular sightseeing spots around the property. Not only an outdoor pool, but the villa also comes with an indoor pool as well. You can even access the free Wi-Fi connection in the public areas in the villa. It is located a mere 800 m away from the beaches of the Baltic Sea which do make up for an amazing spot to just relax and catch up on time. It comes with a well-equipped kitchen and mini bar and even a communal sauna for you to relax and just have the time of your life in.

Location: Videnieki, Liepene, Tārgales pag., Ventspils raj., Liepene, LV-3601, Latvia
Tariff: 80 Euros per night

3. Brīvdienu Māja AMRAI

Brīvdienu Māja AMRAI

If you wish to rent out a villa which is located away from the hustle and bustle of the civilization and is somewhere quiet and nice, the Brīvdienu Māja AMRAI is actually quite an amazing option for you to look into. It is located in the remote area of Ventspils which is situated around 6 km from the Baltic Sea. The kitchenette comes completely equipped with all the necessities and provides you with an overall experience altogether. The grocery stores are located around 500 m away so you can get your supplies easily without any hassle and even the nearest International Airport is just 6.4 km away and to top it all off, you get free barbeque facilities and an accessible terrace.

Location: Skrundas iela 39, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvia
Tariff: 26 euros per night


4. Viesu Nams Zītari

Viesu Nams Zītari

The Viesu nams Zītari is considered as one of the best holiday villas in Latvia mainly because of the location of the property. It is situated in Ventspils and is in the prime location, which is a mere 90 m away from the Venta River and just 2.4 km away from the Baltic Sea altogether. Apart from offering you with a free Wi-Fi, it also does provide with amazing restaurants around and a summer garden too which is perfect for enjoying the summers in Latvia. Much like any other villa, even this one comes equipped with all the basic necessities like kitchen equipment, bathing essentials, and even a television to keep you entertained.

Location: Tirgus iela 11, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia


5. Guest House Podnieki

Guest House Podnieki

The Guest House Podnieki is a family run business who aims to provide the visitors with an overall amazing experience when it comes to their stay in the amazing villa-like houses around in Latvia. Even this one is located in Ventspils and is one of the most popular spots around to stay in because of the picturesque location it is based around. Apart from the free private parking facilities, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and all the basic amenities that you will need to lead a very cheerful and comfortable stay around the place. It also has a sauna and other activities like horse riding which makes it an amazing experience.

Location: Robežu iela 185, Ventspils, LV-3621, Latvia
Tariff: 50 Euros per night

6. Kupfernams


If you wish to stay in somewhere that’s attached to the history of Latvia, the villa of Kupfernams is the perfect one. Not only is it considered as one of the most popular luxury villas in Latvia, but it is also known around for existing in a building which dates back to 1820. It is situated in the heart of Ventspils and offers the guests with amazing rooms made completely from the woodwork. The rooms are quite contemporary styled which is one of the primary things that does attract the guests. The place does spice it up with a breakfast buffet and even get professional massages and other pamperings done upon request.

Location: Kārļa iela 5, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia
Tariff: 37 Euros per night


7. Viesu Nams Dzirkaļi

Viesu Nams Dzirkaļi

If you wish to stay in close proximity to the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea, the Viesu Nams Dzirkaļi is the perfect place for that. It is located in Ventspils, just a 500 m away from the main beaches of the Baltic Sea. Every room in the villa is well furnished with all the necessities, especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. The guests have free access to the Wi-Fi and even get free barbeque equipment right at their disposal which is definitely an added bonus. The restaurants and grocery stands are located within 300 and 400 m distance.

Location: Kr. Valdemara iela 31, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia
Tariff: 18 Euros per night


8. Spicīte


Majority of the tourists who have stayed in Spicīte have described this place like a dream. The interiors and the rooms are just too good to be true which is what makes it so popular around the area altogether. It is situated just 2 km away from the Baltic Sea and comes with its own playground area and even all the barbeque facilities. You can enjoy free Wifi and chill around on the terrace too.

Location: Saulstari, Cirpstene, Varves pag., Ventspils, LV-3623, Latvia
Tariff: 40 euros per night


9. Atpūtas Vieta Buki

Atpūtas Vieta Buki

As hard is it to pronounce the name, the place is just as beautiful. It is located around 6.7 km away from Ventspils and is situated in quite a remote and quiet place. You get to have your own patio and even terrace for you to breathe in the fresh air around. It comes well equipped with all the necessities and will provide you with a very comfortable stay altogether.

Location: Buki, Vārves pag., Ventspils nov., Ventspils, LV-3623, Latvia
Tariff: 25 Euros per night


10. Dekšņi


Located just around 100 m away from the Puze Lake, Dekšņi is quite a popular choice when it comes to the villas around in Latvia. Apart from the indoor swimming pool and the sauna, the guests are provided with a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom with all the essentials. Even the surroundings provide with an amazing option for a plethora of activities to indulge in.

Location: “Dekšņi”, Popes pag., Ventspils nov., Pope, LV-3614, Latvia
Tariff: 24 Euros per night


Villas around in Latvia are quite abundant. Owing to the growing demands, it is most likely that you might end up not finding good options in last minute bookings, so make sure that you book everything beforehand to avoid that issue altogether. And these villas will be your good to go accommodation options while vacationing in Europe.

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12 Vibrant Festivals In Montenegro To Have An Amazing Time In This Balkan Country

Montenegro is a South European country which is glorified with awe-inspiring landscapes, sun glinting mountains, gushing rivers, primeval forest area, crystal clear glacial lakes, and a picturesque coastal town. No wonder it is considered as one of the most stunning tourist places in entire Europe. This small yet gorgeous country is a haven to a huge array of both natural and man-made wonders! The awe-inspiring view of the highlands, coastal area adding charm to the Adriatic Sea, the artistic villages and the walled cities certified by the UNESCO are all a work of art glorifying it as the land of paradise. This indeed is one of those places you should visit once in your lifetime. And if that time is during the festivals in Montenegro, then you can enjoy the festive vibes too!

Apart from its scenic beauty what makes this country even more artistically alive are the festivals that are celebrated here. The festivals are celebrated in a unique way which features dope background music, weirdly creative costumes, bewitching light shows, and even free wines. So, here is a list of all the festivals that you must see if you ever happen to be in Montenegro around the festival time!

1. Fascinada

Boats Summer Montenegro Herceg Novi Marina Meljine

Become a part of the rich cultural history of this magnificent place by joining in this longest running festival which has now been going on for over 500 years!! This festival is organized in order to celebrate the founding of a manmade island church which is centuries old. Come to the festival to witness a bunch of local convoys marching together towards the island from the main town which are accompanied by some local cappella singers who glorify the whole town with their magical voice. The specialty of this festival is that the whole town gets to participate. The men from every family row their boat to the island while the women wave them from the shore. Join in the tradition of throwing a rock in the sea and become a part of this beautiful and unique festival.

Where: Our Lady of the Rocks island, just off Perast’s shore
When: 22nd July

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2. Mimosa Festival

Mimosa Festival

This festival marks the celebration of the vibrant spring after the long dark winter days are over. This is a cheerful festival celebrating the arrival of spring by welcoming it with the bright yellow mimosa blossom which is so blissful to look at. The festival starts with a traditional parade where girls march and a brass band. To add more quirk to it, there is a unique and eye-catching creative costume parade which is quite a fun thing to experience. This festival is a sign of hope for a new and better life full of life, laughter, and happiness.

Where: Baosici’s shores, Marina town
When: March

3. Lake Fest

Lake Fest

For all the rock music lovers out there, this is one of those festivals which you should attend if you ever get a chance. It attracts over 20,000 people for a three-night rock fest featuring some jaw-dropping music which is sure to give you chills down the nerve. Their heart pounding upbeat music will make you groove even when you don’t feel like. The artists are local and international presenting both retro and modern rock bands. Along with that, to make your night more happening, you can also go for free camping with a bunch of people amidst the forest by the lakeside and enjoy a couple of drinks. You can visit the eco workshops and the ‘rubbish- collection even’ which are quite unique there.

Where: Lake Krupac in Niksic
When: 11th to 16th August

4. Sea Dance Festival

Sea Dance Festival

This is a three-day music festival which is very popular among the people here. It attracts over 80,000 people from all over Europe and other continents. This festival is all about celebrating their rich musical culture which is praised all over the world. Celebrated on a beach amidst the greenery, you should definitely come here and make the next three days of your life memorable by partying and dancing all day and all night!

Where: Jaz Beach
When: July

5. Southern Soul Festival

Southern Soul Festival

It again is a three-day vibrant festival celebrated on a beach where you not only get to enjoy good music but also party and have fun on the beach. The festival brings to you a mix of hearth throbbing songs like the Jazz, House, and Funk played by some of the most renowned hip and underground artists of all time! Held on the longest beach of this country which is 12 km long, there are ample of choices for you to indulge in some fun beach sports activities like kite surfing, volleyball and more while enjoying good music. Come to spend your week here dancing and partying to some of the most upbeat music of all time here!

Where: Ulcinj’ Copacabana Beach
When: June

6. Montenegro Film Festival

Montenegro Film Festival

This festival has been celebrated for 30 years now and has still maintained its authenticity. It features some of the best films and documentaries from all over the world. It is one of the best ways to know different places through their films. The town sinks into the magnificent aura of this festival as its background music is played throughout the town which is soothing to the ears. The whole town becomes so vibrant and full of life. There is also a main theater located in one of the historic fortresses called the Bloody Tower and some outdoor theater which you can find everywhere in the town.

Where: Herceg Novi old town
When: August

7. Bokeljska Noc

Bokeljska Noc

This is one of those summer festivals which you simply can’t afford to miss. It is a festival for all the fun seekers. This is a traditional festival that features beautifully decorated boats and floats that are meant to compete against each other and the winner gets a wonderful prize. But more than winning what attracts people to this festival is the vibe of this celebration. Everyone one is so full of enthusiasm and the whole ambiance is full of chattering, hooting, joys, laughter, chills and of course some delectable local food delicacies which are surely a delight to taste!
Where: Herceg, Montenegro
When: Last week of August

8. Budva Carnival

Budva Carnival

This is a three-day carnival which draws people from different parts of the country. Unique costume parties, cheerful parades, and the open air theater shows are the highlights of this amazing festival. You can also participate in some fun competitions in which different groups participate; coming right away from countries like Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia, and Slovenia. It is a family-friendly festival which organizes fun things for children as well, like the funny puppet shows and has masked balls for the kids.
Where: Old Town of Budva
When: May

9. Udahni Kolasin

Udahni Kolasin

This is a festival for everyone all the music lovers, art and culture enthusiast, fun lovers and dance enthusiasts. There is not just one or two but several reasons why you must visit this festival. It features bands which play different genres of music like the Jazz, rock, pop, house funk, and the list goes one. While this music is soothing, some of them are heart pounding and jaw-dropping. Also, the visitors get to visit various historical sites and try some healthy organic food brought right from their mountains.

Where: Kolasin, Montenegro
When: between July and August

10. City Groove

City Groove

This is one of the hottest events that happen here in Montenegro which features live bands performing on some of the most electrifying music of all time. This goes on for three days, never for a second will you feel bored. Every time the beat drops it will make you dance no matter what. The jaw-dropping music and a crowd full of enthusiastic youth make this festival a complete power packed festival something that is worth the visit.

Where: Podgorica, Stadion malih sportova
When: June

11. Cube Fest – Festival Of Cuban Music

Cube Fest

Witness the phenomenal energy that defines this festival that is surrounded by a lively atmosphere, fun loving people and breathtaking performances which you will not get to see in any part of the world. You can feel the influence of the Cuban culture in a European country. The festival is famous for its DJs, dances and outstanding arts displays.

Where: Caffe bar Salsa Familia, Bar, Montenegro
When: July

12. Bedem Fest

Bedem Fest

This is a famous summer music festival which attracts tourists from different corners of the world. As you come here you not only witness their soul touching music but also the magnificent art for which this city is known for! You can enjoy the music and dance in the day and enjoy free camping at night. This festival is all about good music and good food. Visit this festival and go home with some of the most beautiful memories of your lifetime.

Where: Niksic, Montenegro
When: August

Montenegro is one of those countries which will never disappoint you. Be it their magnificent culture or their picturesque towns, it has a beauty of its own. And what makes this place even more joyous are the festivals in Montenegro. So if you ever plan a Europe vacation, visit this country, and make sure that you attend at least one of the above-mentioned festivals and we assure you that while traveling back home you will be taking an extra baggage home, baggage full of wonderful heart touching memories!

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Top 10 Exciting Things To Do In Bratislava To Explore The Slovak Capital

The city of Bratislava is the youngest European metropolis and the largest city of Slovakia, backed by a very eventful past. This city is a mix of the olden eras and the new eras. You will be as fascinated with the architectural designs of the castles and buildings as you will be tempted by the cafes, restaurants, and pubs here. The historic Old Town of Bratislava is the perfect place to visit if you want to go back in time and discover the fountains, parks, and streets of Bratislava that were built centuries ago. You can also head to the modern-day shopping malls or take day trips to the places around the city when you are in Bratislava

Wondering what to do in Bratislava? Here is a guide to all the things you must add to your ‘Bratislava to-do list’.

1. Castle Museum Of History

Castle Museum Of History

Visit the Museum of History at the Bratislava Castle. When you walk through the main gate of the castle, the first thing you would see on the left side is a short exhibition called ‘The Witness of the Past’ which displays the different discoveries that were made on the castle. The main and most interesting exhibits are displayed in the main building called ‘The Castle Gallery’. When you go inside the museum, you will see a royal-looking white hall adorned with golden designs on the walls and a red carpet waiting to welcome you! Next, go to the Music Hall which was previously the 18th-century chapel. Here you can spend some time listening to the music that a professional pianist plays. The top floor of the museum also has two rooms. The first one is where you can find a collection of pictures from the former President, Rudolf Schuster’s travels. The second one is an exhibition called ‘How the Time was Measured’, a display of lots of clocks, maps, books, and globes. Apart from the permanent exhibitions, the Slovak Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions. This museum is a delight for those who have a keen interest in learning about the history of a place.

Location: Bratislava Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM, Mondays closed
Entry Ticket: 7 Euros per person

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2. UFO Bridge

UFO Bridge

Get the most stunning views of Bratislava from the UFO Bridge. The UFO Bridge of Bratislava is one of the most well-known symbols and is officially known as the SNP Bridge, which stands for ‘Slovak National Uprising’. If you are wondering why this is called the UFO Bridge, it is mainly because the design of this bridge was inspired by the futurism of the early 1960s because of which, the top part of this bridge is a UFO-shaped structure, resembling a flying saucer. This bridge has an elevator that takes you to the top part of the UFO-lookalike structure. Once you go up the elevator, you will reach the viewing platform from where you can get some of the best views of Bratislava. You can also grab a delicious meal at the restaurant perched at a height of 90 meters above the river on the UFO Bridge, affording super scenic views of Bratislava. Dining at this restaurant seated almost in the sky is one of the best things to do in Bratislava at night as the shining lights of the region only make it a more beautiful view.

Location: Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 11 PM

3. Grassalkovich Presidential Palace


Take a walk in the gardens of the Presidential Palace of Bratislava that is inspired by the Baroque style of architectural design, one of the most popular design styles of that era. While you might not be able to enter the palace and have a look at the interiors, you can take a long walk around the blooming gardens designed in a typically French style. constructed in the year 1760, these gardens surround the Presidential Palace and have lush greenery. All you have to do here is take a long walk in the garden and click lots of pictures with the palace in the background. Don’t forget to slip out of your footwear for a bit and walk barefoot on the soft grass. Walking around at these prestigious palace gardens is easily one of the best things to do in Bratislava, especially if you are looking at spending some time with loved ones and relaxing.

Location: Hodžovo námestie 2978/1, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
Timings: April-Sep 9 AM – 9 PM, October-March 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry Tickets: Free admission to the garden

4. Blue Church

Blue Church

One of the things to do in Bratislava is admiring the beauty of the Blue Church. Lying in the Eastern part of the Old Town, the Blue Church, as it is popularly called, is originally the Church of St. Elisabeth. This church is a classic church which is designed in the art nouveau architectural design and looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale. If you happen to visit this church on a rather sunny day, you will see how the colors of the clear sky match the colors of this gorgeous church. Everything about the church is unique and is a monotone of blue, right from the blue mosaics, to the facades, to the glazed blue roof. Looking to get some amazing pictures in Bratislava? The exteriors of the Blue Church will make for the best background! If at all you are feeling blue when in Bratislava, this Blue Church is going to free you of all those blues, filling you up with lots of joy and your phone gallery with lots of artsy pictures.

Location: Alžbety, Bezručova 2, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 7-7:30 AM, 5:30-7 PM

5. Devin Castle

Devin Castle

Built in a Gothic architectural style, the Devin Castle is about ten kilometers away from the city center of Bratislava. The castle is seated at the confluence of the River Danube and the River Morava. In the olden times, this castle was the prime controller of the trade route of the River Danube. This Devin Castle is a well-preserved ruin which is a hot-spot for tourists visiting Bratislava, especially because of the geographical position of the castle. We suggest you reach the castle early in the morning to avoid the crowds and to douse in the peaceful vibes of the place. Around this castle, you will also find bike trails through which you can explore the verdant surroundings of the castle. If you are traveling with family, you could also lend a canoe and cruise through the River Morava. When you get hungry, you can stop over at one of the restaurants in Devin and try out the local Slovak cuisine. One of the things to do in Bratislava is taking a day trip to the Devin Castle

Location: Muránská 1050/10, 841 10 Devín, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM
Entry Fee: 5 Euros

6. Old Town of Bratislava

Old Town of Bratislava

The Old Town of Bratislava is the historic center of Bratislava and was the main connection between the neighboring areas and the outskirts, around the Middle Ages. In the Old Town of Bratislava, head to St. Michael’s Tower, an exhibition of weaponry and city fortifications. Even walking around the cobbled streets of the Old Town is one of the most fun things to do in Bratislava as the colorful pastel buildings and narrow pathways make you feel all touristy. If you just want to sit around and people-watch, we suggest you to push off to the Main Square at the Old Town where you can just sit and watch people go about their day. With all the walking around, when you start getting hungry, step into one of the local cafes and grab a bite or two. Exploring the streets of the old town is one of the interesting things to do in Bratislava.

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia.

7. Slovak National Gallery

Slovak National Gallery

The Slovak National Gallery sits in the Eszterhazy palace, by the side of the famous River Danube of Bratislava. At the Slovak National Gallery, you will be able to see exhibitions of classical art as well as modern art. Those interested in the Gothic and Baroque design styles will love the gallery as it also has a host of sculptures that are inspired by these art styles. Make sure you stop over at the small souvenir shop and library before you leave this gallery. The best way to explore this three-storey gallery is to start from the third floor and then come down to the lower floors. After you visit the gallery, we suggest you take a stroll by the river before you head to the next sightseeing spot. The Slovak National Gallery also holds temporary exhibitions, so check their website before you visit so you know what to expect. If you are an art lover, one of the things to do in Bratislava is visiting the exhibitions at this gallery.

Location: Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 811 02, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry Fee: Free Admission

8. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Opened in the year 2000, the Danubian Meulesteen Art Museum is the newest addition to Bratislava’s art galleries. Situated on the peninsula jutting out on the River Danube, this art museum is about fifteen kilometers away from the city center. This museum is built in the style of a Roman gallery surrounded by the shallow waters of the River Danube. You will find brilliant works of art, made by world famous international artists at this Art Museum. On the ground level of the museum, you will find a gallery that displays contemporary art while the outer grounds of the art gallery are spread over a humongous 8000 square meters where you can see the most stunning sculptures on display.

Location: Vodné dielo Slovensko, 851 10 Bratislava-Čunovo, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry Fee: 10 Euros for adults

9. Funus Bar

Funus Bar

The Funus Bar is the oldest family-owned garden pub of Bratislava and is a hot favourite with the locals. If you think this bar is just like any other overcrowded bar you would go to, you are mistaken! This bar is located in the open and is surrounded by well-maintained gardens and old chestnut trees. Funus serves great food and chilled beers. The pub is situated near the main railway station and is very easy to locate, making it easier for tourists to pay a visit. It has been said that this place was frequently visited by notable Slovak patriots, writers, poets and politicians around the 19th century. If you happen to speak to the locals at this pub, you will find that most of them are regular patrons at this bar, visiting the pub as frequently as once a week. Getting a drink at Funus Bar has to be on your to-do list as it is one of the best things to do in Bratislava at night.

Location: Prokopa Veľkého 1, 811 04 Staré Mesto, Slovakia.
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

10. Bratislavian Forest


Take a chairlift over the Bratislavian Forest. Perched on the Koliba hill in the Carpathian Mountain region, right above the center of Bratislava city. The chairlift here was first opened to the public in 1972 and has since been frequented by couples, families, enthusiastic hikers and lots of tourists. The Carpathian region of Bratislava gives you a chance to step away from all the chaos of the city life. Once you reach the Koliba hill, you will have to walk up the hill for about half an hour before you reach the Koliba tower, the place where you will find the chairlift. This 50-year-old chairlift and will take you at an elevated height from where you can watch the beautiful views of the forest and the surroundings. Even if you don’t do the chairlift, you can relax and soak in the tranquillity of this dense forest. Sitting in the chairlift and overlooking the forest is definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Bratislava. If you like hiking, you will love this place and this experience!

Location: About 8 minutes from the Presidential Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you are planning a Europe trip with Bratislava included in your itinerary, you should put these things to do on your list to make the most of your vacation. Slovakia is one hell of amazing destination to plan a trip to. If you are always looking for new places, then this country should make it to your list. When are you booking your tickets to Bratislava to explore the beauty of this melting pot of culture, architecture, and art?

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10 Castles In Hungary That Showcase The Grand European Architecture!

Hungary in Central Europe, is a country with a rich historical past. In the medieval era, the Hungarians had to build huge castles in Hungary to protect themselves from the empires of the Carpathian basin. The castles now stands, marking the heroic past of the country. Though many castles have been destroyed over time, there are still a couple of them, which have stood the test of time.

Hungary is a well known travel destination and is popular for its nature and architecture. The country is home to over a hundred castles, which are all situated in scenic, natural settings. Nonetheless, it is hard to visit all the castles, considering the sheer number of them. But if you had to choose a few castles in Hungary, which you can visit, than here we have gathered a list of 10 beautiful castles in Hungary, worth the visit.

Hungary is home to a lot of castles, many of which attract the attention of visitors. There are so many castles in Hungary that one might get confused as to which ones to visit. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of 10 best castles in Hungary. Take a look at the list.

1. Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad is a medieval castle located in the City Park. The castle was built around 1896 and is a significant historical monument, which showcases the architectural evolution of the country over the years. The castle is a combination of many fine buildings, amagated together and you can see the typical architecture of the 18th century like Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic Renaissance style. Presently, the castle hosts many exhibitions, festivals and concerts.

Location: Vajdahunyad, Budapest, Hungary
Timings: 10 am – 5 pm
Entry fee: Free entry

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2. Visegrad Castle

Visegrad Castle

Visegrad is a double castle system, built by Bela IV. The entire structure comprises of a citadel and a lower castle. The citadel served the purpose of a residential complex as well protected the Danube valley and also maintained the commercial route between Buda and Esztergom. The lower castle was built during 1247 and the most interesting part of the lower castle is the Solomon tower. After the Habsburgs conquered the fortress, this fortification became unwanted with the dissolution of the border castle system and this castle was left to ruin.

Location: Visegrad, Varhegy, Hungary
Timings: 9 am – 6 pm
Entry fee: 1700 HUF / person

3. Eger Castle

Eger Castle

Though the Eger Castle is not a glorified edifice as it once used to be, nonetheless, it is still worth visiting. The castle has a fascinating historic tale to its benefits. The castle is so popular among the Hungarians because, once this castle, with a small garrison, they defeated a huge Turkish army. Though the castle had been neglected for many years, it was restored in the 1950s and a visit to this castle will leave you wanting for more.

Location: Eger, Var, Hungary
Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
Entry fee: Adults – 1400 HUF, Children and seniors – 700 HUF

4. Sumeg Castle

Sumeg Castle

Located in Sumeg’s bald hill, this is one of the most beautiful castle in Hungary. This castle is also among the ones which was not destroyed or harmed over time and even in the present day you can see the inner and outer castles as well as the citadel. The castle was built during 1262 and presently many exhibitions and medieval programmes are organized in the castle premises.

Location: Sumeg, Varoldal, Hungary
Timings: 9 am to 4 pm
Entry fee: Free

5. Bory Castle

Bory Castle

This castle was built by a famous Hungarian artist Jeno Bory. In 1912 he bought an acre of land in Maria Valley. The building originally had only a wine cellar and a summer house, which Bory expanded year by year. The building didn’t have a proper plan and it was simply expanded over time. The castle is a great example of the symbolic Hungarian architecture.

Location: Szekesfehervar, Maria Volgy, Hungary
Timings: 9am to 5pm
Entry fee: Adults – 1500 HUF, Children – 700 HUF

6. Boldogko Castle

Boldogko Castle

This castle is perched atop a mountain and overlooks the village of Boldogko. The exact date of the construction of the castle is still unknown but it is fairly certain that the castle was built after the Mongolian invasion. This defense block was built with an interior turret, which protected the road to Kassa as well as the Hernad Valley. The castle is now managed by the local municipality and the palace wing and mill basiton are open to public introspection.

Location: Boldogkovaralja, kulterulet, Hungary
Timings: 8 am to 7 pm
Entry fee: Free entry

7. Tatai Var Castle

Tatai Var Castle

The construction of Tata castle started in the 1300s by the Lackffy family and the the castle has underwent many renovations since then. The castle used to be the summer residence of the King Sigismund of Luxembourg as well as King Matthias Hunyadi. The castle houses the Domokos Kuny Museum, which showcases many Bronze age and Roman age artifacts.

Location: Tata, Hungary
Timings: 9am to 6pm

8. Siklos Castle

Siklos Castle

The Siklos castle used to be a residence for the important noble families of Hungary and guarded the southern border of the country. The castle architecture shows the lavish history of the country’s past. In the 15th century a fortified castle was built with high walls and round bastions. The carved doors and windows, the arch of the chancel, the frescos and choir are evidence to the affluence of the people dwelling in the castle. The castle has undergone many renovations over time and in the present day it houses a museum, which is open to the public.

Location: Siklos, Vajda Janos, Hungary
Timings: 9:30 am to 5 pm
Entry fee: Adults – 900 HUF, Children – 600 HUF

9. Buda Castle

Buda Castle

Buda Castle is a medieval castle in Hungary, which used to be the residence of Hungarian kings. The construction of the castle was completed in 1265 and this castle is also known as the Royal Castle or the Royal palace. The castle showcases both medieval and Baroque architecture and is also registered as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle is a unique combination of hills, water and architecture, which is quite rare to see in capital cities of other countries of the world. Moreover, the castle also houses the Budapest History Museum, the National Library and the Hungarian National Gallery.

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
Entry fee: 3000 Forints

10. Esztergom Castle And Basilica

Esztergom Castle And Basilica

This beautiful neoclassical castle and basilica is located in the city of Esztergom in North Hungary. The castle was built during the time when Esztergom used to be the capital of Hungary, Europe. The Esztergom Basilica is the largest Roman Catholic building in entire Hungary and the 18th largest one in the world. Entering the basilica you will witness the world’s largest altar piece. The painting is done on a single canvas showcasing the ascension of Madonna. In the present day many organ and choir concerts are held in the castle.

Location: Esztergom, Hungary
Timings: 9 Am to 6 Pm
Entry fee: 300 HUF

Castles in Hungary are some of the most beautiful and stunning ones in the entire world. Visit these castles on your trip to Hungary and bask in the historical and cultural heritage of the country.

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10 Best Hostels In Seville For Your Next Soothing Budget Holiday

Are you are here for touring the beauty of Seville and looking for the best places to stay for a few days during your visit? It might be a challenging task for you if you are new here to pick out the best out of the significant number of available hostels in Seville. The town is stuffed with affordable, well-run budget accommodations, turning the town a solid option for tourists from all across the globe to spend a healthy holiday without the need to pay too much.

You can go through the top 10 Seville hostels that are perfect for the tourists who desire to experience the most adventurous Seville tour under an ideal budget.

1. Samay Hostel Sevilla

Samay Hostel Sevilla

It is positioned in the core of Seville’s most romantic and oldest neighborhood, Barrio Santa Cruz. Get a tour by these faint, maze-like alleyways and streets and lounge in the town’s ancient history. You can shove your stomach in one of the several tapas cafes placed just outside our doorways. If it’s bullfighting or flamenco you are behind, we are the throw of a stone from the bullring and a few of the best flamenco bars of Seville.
The Team of Samay’s backpackers and sovereign visitors have formed the ideal place for those who crave extra from their hostel. The bedrooms here are ensuite. What are you expecting for – sounder conditions?

We have entirely renovated a mythical Samay Hostel Sevilla, blending our unique finishes to serve you better. The roomy, architect, perfectly-lit and ensuite dorm chambers of Samay Hostel Sevilla retain you cozy.

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2. The Boutike Hostel

The Boutike Hostel

Apart from a wonderful neighborhood, this contemporary and newly renovated hostel offers spacious and cozy rooms. It is among the most affordable hostels in Seville that everyone can afford with a great piece of comfort. The staff and conveniences here are more similar to a boutique resort than a hostel, and if it weren’t for the bunk beds and dorm rooms, you wouldn’t even feel that it is not a luxurious hotel. After visiting here, you will feel as warm and cozy as you are at your home.

3. Black Swan Hostel Sevilla

Black Swan Hostel Sevilla

Resided in the hub of Seville, the hostel emphasizes a shared rooftop patio with downtown scenes. The contemporary Black Swan Hostel in Sevilla proposes air-conditioned bedrooms with complimentary Wi-Fi access. All heated room involves individual plugs and lights, as well as cabinets. Bed sheeting is offered for free, and towels can be borrowed for an extra cost from the reception. Black Swan Hostel Sevilla grants a communal mezzanine and a kitchenette with microwaves, oven, and hobs. The bar of the hostel caters homemade drinks. A variety of exercises are accessible such as flamenco shows, walking tours, and paella cooking courses. Seville Cathedral, Alcazar of Seville and La Giralda are all positioned within walking distance of around 10-minutes. The nearest train station is just 2.5 kilometers from here, while at the same time the Airport of Seville is at a distance of hardly 20-minutes.

4. For You Hostel Sevilla

For You Hostel Sevilla

It is formed on an 18th-century building in which modernity and tradition have been blended in the center of Seville and at a distance of few minute walk from the Triana district, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Cathedral.

For You Hostel Sevilla has 20 bedrooms of varying capacities and sizes, all of them with the free availability of high-speed WIFI connectivity, separate lockers and all the facilities you require to stay for a few days touring Seville. The hostel possesses rooms with the rooftop patio and rooms for family.

This is an entirely stylish boutique hostel situated within walking distance of Seville’s central landmarks and famous old town. Friendly design emphasis, modern facilities and plenty of outdoor and indoor living spaces offer a cozy stay for tourists of all ages.

5. TOC Hostel Sevilla

TOC Hostel Sevilla

Placed beyond from Archivo de Indias, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, this hostel is situated in Sevilla’s center. It features a bar, free WiFi, and on-site stores. The TOC provides rooms with individual bathrooms, finished with shower and complimentary toiletries. In shared rooms, the bunk beds are also available. There is a standard living room with 24-hour front desk support and a TV and, along with a trip desk. For laundry service, the guests have to pay additional charges. Sevilla Cathedral is situated just at a distance 200 meters from the TOC hostel Sevilla, and the Real Alcazar palace can be traversed in one minute on foot. You can get a grocery shop only 300 meters apart, and tram, and a bus station 100 meters away. The nearest Airport of San Pablo is at a driving distance of 20-minute from the guest house.

6. Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art

Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art

Very well positioned, only some steps apart from the nearest Cathedral (from the rooftop terrace you can view the Giralda) and the various other beautifully manged monuments. With large and roomy rooms with great lockers within, you will never feel uncomfortable to make yourself reach a stage of satisfaction. The shared areas are protected, warm, and cozy, with a beautifully furnished kitchen to make your most beloved recipes. Overall an excellent place to stay from those who are here and looking for the most affordable as well as fantastic hostels in Seville, Spain.

7. Hostel One Catedral Seville

Hostel One Catedral Seville

It is placed in contemporary Seville, just at a walking distance of 15 minutes from Triana. It is unmatched stay destination offers immediate access to de los Venerables Hospital. Providing a broad variety of recipes, El Rincon de Murillo and ToroToro are just around 50-meters apart from the site. Along with this, the Alcazar Palace is lying just near in easy access. Hostel One Catedral has nine-guestrooms incorporating 8-bed mixed Dorm, 10-bed mixed Dorm, 6-bed mixed Dorm, and Double Room associated with free Wi-Fi, a laptop-size safe, and individual climate control. Various bedrooms have beds associated with lockers, linens, and reading lights. Guestrooms emphasize access to shared bathrooms. The nearest train station, i.e., Santa Justa lies under walking distance 15-minutes.

8. La Banda Rooftop Hostel

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Run by 4-Brits who had prolonged been colleagues and had a desire of operating a well maintained and friendly hostel in a Spanish speaking nation, they have formed an excellent environment for tourists from all across the globe. Emphasizing a stunningly quaint rooftop with a fantastic appearance of the Cathedral and a little patio that bordered the railings, it’s an ideal spot to rest, go through your favorite book or type tirelessly on your laptop.
La Banda proposes seven unique dorm rooms for around forty guests. By centering on a little capacity, we provide renters with a more private family-like experience that bigger hostels are unable to do. Vibes and environment are unstoppably fabulous as each person whether it is staff or the other guests always stay as a group.

9. The Nomad Hostel

The Nomad Hostel

It is one of the highly rated Seville hostels, controlled by local Sevillanos; this hostel is a beautiful representation of the way that Sevillian live: deliberate, heartwarming, and comfortable. Along with the 3-shared areas of the inland terrace, the rooftop terrace, and the chill-out lounge, The Nomad Hostel is the classic spot to coincide people from all around the globe.

10. Sevilla Hostel One Centro

Sevilla Hostel One Centro

The hostel is located just at a walking distance of 5-minute from the central shopping region, and a 15-minute journey by foot to all the other beautiful sights. Furthermore, it is placed only some blocks apart from the Alameda de Hércules, a region very well-known for its breathtaking pubs, welcoming locals and breathtaking musical exhibition. Eventually, don’t juggle the rooftop patio of hostel one centro in sevilla, it’s the most fantastic place where you can take both your mind and both at a stage of extreme pleasure by making it feel relax and chill out after a dull day.

Everyone wants to get an exotic experience without paying too much for it. Wherever we visit, the thing that costs the most is the place that we choose for the stay. To make your trip a highly affordable and packed with leisure and comfort we have discussed a few of the best hostels in Seville that will make you feel like you are in a hotel or a luxury resort. So, pack your bags and plan a trip to Spain for a unique holiday experience!

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Hostels In Stellenbosch: 5 Places For A Budget-Friendly Yet Comfortable Stay

Swathes of lush green wine estates cover the area around Stellenbosch. Wine tasting is the most popular activity in Stellenbosch and makes it a popular stopover on the epic Garden Route journey. However, there is more to Stellenbosch than just its aromatic wine. South Africa is an expensive country for backpackers, and if you are on a budget, you might check out hostels in Stellenbosch to save on some money. The town is known for its natural wealth and is an ideal playground for fitness enthusiasts who love to hike, walk, and cycle over its trails. The people here know how to eat well and have a blast, and that’s the essence of your trip to Stellenbosch!

Here is a short list of top five Stellenbosch hostels which have all the desirable amenities and offer comfortable beds with excellent value for money

1. Stumble Inn Backpackers Hostel

Stumble Inn Backpackers Hostel

Stumble Inn is one of earliest established hostels in Stellenbosch and actively contributed towards creating a backpacking culture in the town. Stellenbosch is a university town and an important stop of the Garden Route thanks to its wine gardens. The Stumble Inn is a favorite of backpackers in Stellenbosch thanks to its low rates and wonderful amenities. You can hire cycles at the hostel and go on a tour exploring the wineries and the farms, or go on one of the trips organized by the hostel. The hostel has a lovely garden where you can find yourself sharing a pizza and a craft beer with your new hostel roommates and have a lot of fun.

Location: 12 Mark St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
Starting price: INR 1,100/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.0/5
Website |TripAdvisor Reviews

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2. Banghoek Place Hostel

Banghoek Place Hostel

The Banghoek Place is one of the top rated hostels in Stellenbosch and your best bet to stay close to the university and enjoy access to a host of activities and experiences. The hostel is a cozy, comfortable space with both private rooms and dormitories; it has a shared kitchen where you can cook your own meals. However, Stellenbosch is known for its culinary heritage and has everything from gourmet restaurants to hip joints and cheap street food options. You can book a tour with the hostel partner to explore the wine estates, where the best South African wine and cheese are made. You will meet a lot of youngsters who are either future students at the university or are visiting friends. The staff at the hostel will guide you to the best pubs and clubs in the area.

Location: 193 Banghoek Rd, Universiteits Oord, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
Starting price: INR 1,000/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5
Website|TripAdvisor Reviews

3. iKhaya Stellenbosch Backpackers

iKhaya Stellenbosch Backpackers

Most backpackers chose to base their stay in hostels in Stellenbosch because they love the proximity to the wine country and the natural attractions of Durbanville Hills, and Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. It is a better option than to stay in Cape Town and traveling to and fro. The iKhaya Stellenbosch Backpackers is one of the best Stellenbosch University hostels and used by a lot of youngsters for their cheap and comfortable accommodation. The hostel also offers shuttle service for the Baz Bus which is a service that drops you on and off along the South African coast. The hostel is located in a central area and offers amenities like free breakfast. You can also choose their wildlife safari tours, walking tours, and bike tours to explore the region.

Location: 56 Bird St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7599, South Africa
Starting price: INR 1,100/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.0/5
Website|TripAdvisor Reviews

4. Stellenbosch Traveller’s Lodge Hostel

Stellenbosch Traveller's Lodge Hostel

Travelers craving a peace of mind without shelling extra bucks should head straight to the Stellenbosch Traveller’s Lodge, one of the nicest Stellenbosch hostels. Unlike the typical hostel atmosphere, this hostel is peaceful and has a relaxed atmosphere. It is the best place to return to after a night of crazy partying at the hip and happening clubs in the town. The hostel has a great outdoor area where Sunday morning breakfasts are served and braais on pleasant summer nights, which is a version of barbeque in South Africa. The hostel also has private rooms in case you are looking for more privacy, but their dorm beds are among the best value for money of all hostels in Stellenbosch.

Location: Dorp St & Stadler St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
Starting price: INR 1,000/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 2.5/5
Website |TripAdvisor Reviews

5. De Laer Stellenbosch

De Laer Stellenbosch

The De Laer Stellenbosch is a popular choice for backpackers in Stellenbosch. It is ideal for groups of travelers too as they have comfortable multi-bed rooms. You can strike up friendships on the Baz Bus and plan to stay at this hostel on your stay in Stellenbosch. The hostel has covered barbeque area where the entire hostel parties on summer nights. The hostel is within 2 KM of the Stellenbosch University and is also a convenient place to stay for those students who wish to check out the university premises. But it is the best for travelers and solo backpackers who are exploring the Garden Route trail.

Location: 3 Simonsberg Rd, Stellenbosch, 7599, South Africa
Starting price: INR 560/-

Stellenbosch is also a university town and teeming with young students and the happening clubs, restaurants, and cafes that have started to serve this millennial crowd. Make sure you book your stay in advance at these hostels in Stellenbosch because they run out beds, especially in the summer months! So, make sure your package for a vacation in South Africa includes at least one of these.

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