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Plan Your Trip To Durmitor National Park In Montenegro

On a trip to Montenegro, you mustn’t forget to visit the Durmitor National Park. The park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this region. This park is not only home to beasts like bears and wolves, but it also covers limestone peaks, glacial lakes, and a 1300 m deep Tara River Canyon. The highest peak of this National Park, Bobotov Kuk, is situated at a height of 2,523 meters.

View of Crno jezero from Mali Meded

A part of the Dinaric Alps, Durmitor National Park is a massive park located in the northwestern Montenegro region. This National Park creates many notable landscapes shaped by the glaciers, numerous rivers and of course underground streams as well. With variegated attractions, Durmitor is best known in the world for its outstanding hiking, climbing, mountaineering and canoeing opportunities. If you are a ski enthusiast, you may consider the nearby town of Zabljak. This park receives tourists from across the world.

Best Time To Visit Durmitor National Park

Although this park remains open round the year, late spring to the early autumn period is considered a perfect time to visit. If you want to escape the crowd, you might consider visiting here from May to July months. For bird watching, you are advised for an early visit here. In the early morning, you can encounter birds, fishes and wild animals in their natural habitat.

Durmitor National Park is a perfect location to engage yourself in a number of outdoor activities such as white-water rafting, zip lining, climbing and mountain biking:

1. Durmitor National Park: Raft

Durmitor National Park Raft

If you are a rafting enthusiast, then you should consider this park. Apart from the scenic beauty, the speed of the water is sufficient for rafting purpose here. Book your rafting trip well in advance in order to avoid the last-minute hurdles. One of the most popular companies for rafting purpose here is Tara Kula Raft. It always helps the tourists to raft at the most spectacular section of the Tara River Canyon.

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2. Durmitor National Park: Zipline

Durmitor National Park Zipline

You can opt for zip-lining through a wire which is made of the stainless steel, at the Red Rock Zipline. Tourists can take up these activities on the spectacular Đurđevića Tara Bridge and obtain the unimaginable memories for the lifetime. The zip-liners reach the speed of up to 50 km/h (31 mi./h), and which carries them 170m (558 ft.) above the Tara River. To avoid the last minute rush, you must approach your hotel to arrange a trip for you.

3. Durmitor National Park: Swim

Durmitor National Park Swim

The Durmitor National Park is home to 18 glacial lakes that make it a perfect place for water adventure activities including swimming. Ideal for swimming purpose, the famous Crno Jezero (Black Lake) is the largest lake here. It is surrounded by the lofty pine trees. Alongside this lake is located a small café in which swimmers arrive for some refreshment and also for the changing purpose. They can dry off there and so do they taste some delicious light recipes. Although this lake is available for the swimmers around the year, August month is considered a perfect time due to the moderate temperature and sufficient water making it the best time for swimming.

4. Durmitor National Park: Hike

Durmitor National Park Hike

There is a number of popular, well-marked and scenic walking trails here that are known for crisscrossing the 339 km² area of this National Park. Before starting the trailing and climbing, you are advised to have a local map from Žabljak. You can witness there brown bears, grey wolves and European wildcats roaming inside the park. Considering their presence, you must remain careful while exploring there. As many mountains for the fearless hikers are there, it is a boon in disguise for the adventure lovers. Bobotov Kuk, Planinic and Savin Kuk et al are some popular spots for the hikers here.

5. Durmitor National Park: Shop ’til you drop

Durmitor National Park Shop 'til you drop

If you love shopping, then the area nearby the Durmitor National Park is a perfect destination for you to buy some souvenirs. There are places to pick up food items, locally made gift items and much more to take back home. There’s also an outdoor clothing shop for those people who left something vital at their hotels and seek to have a few clothing on an urgent basis. You can taste local foods here which are being prepared from the locally grown ingredients and spices in and around this park.

6. Durmitor National Park: Pray

Durmitor National Park Pray

Durmitor National Park in Europe is not only a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers but also it remains a great location for spiritual healing as well. Presence of a famous Serbian Orthodox monastery on the edge of the park paves the way for the tourists to worship while they evaluate the scenic beauty of this place. The church is an amazing place where you get sufficient space and time to go for deep thinking and re-impose your faith in spirituality. On the way to Dobrilovina, you come across to the panoramic view of the white-water rapids beside thrilling canyons.

7. Durmitor National Park: Step Back In Time

Durmitor National Park Step Back In Time

This park is home to several historical monuments as well which attract the tourists. A mysterious stone monument called stećci also attracts the visitors here. Two other historical monuments like the Grčko groblje (Greek Graveyard) and Bare Žugića are popular names for having full of intricately-designed tombstones. They are unique and worth visiting places.

8. Durmitor National Park: Explore Wildlife

Durmitor National Park Explore Wildlife

Are you willing to see various types of wild beasts? Durmitor National Park is home to various types of flora, fauna, birds, mammals and et al. To watch wildlife in its natural habitat, this park remains a perfect place for complete exploration. It is also believed that Europe’s largest variety of butterflies is found in this park. On the other hand, you will hardly be able to find the bears or wolves here.

9. Tara Bridge: Stop By

Tara Bridge Stop By

Also popular as a Đurđevića Tara Bridge, Tara Bridge is a concrete arch bridge that has been constructed over the Tara River in northern Montenegro. This 150m-high bridge is popular for the scenic beauty and so does it connect the two villages of Budečevica and Trešnjica. Its structure was the largest concrete arched vehicular bridge in Europe at the time it was built.

10. Stecci Sites: Explore

Stecci Sites Explore

Stecci sites nearby the Durmitor National Park are believed to be dating back between 12th and 16th centuries. These mysterious carved stone tomb monuments have been added into the UNESCO World Heritage sites lists. Stones at both the sites of the tombs are intricately decorated.

If you are planning a trip to Europe, make sure to stop by Montenegro and visit the Durmitor National Park. This park is home to several adventure activities, panoramic views, wildlife, and historical monuments. Other than these, the restaurants are also going to please you with the incredible food varieties served in a great setting.

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Abu Simbel Temples: A Complete Guide To This Gem Of Egypt

Most of us must have heard about the Abu Simbel temple. It is basically a very ancient temple that is located in the southern part of Egypt. The temple is in the form of two rocks. It is also a very popular temple in Egypt. People from various corners of the world come to this temple to have a glance at it. This temple also has a great historical significance.

About Abu Simbel Temples

It is said that the construction of this temple started during the 1264BC and lasted for 20 years. So it really took a long time to complete its construction. The other name of this temple is” The Temple of Ramesses”. It is a six rock temple that was built by Nubia during the rule of Ramesses II. The main intention of this ruler was to introduce the status of Egyptian religion in this place.

Best Time To Visit Abu Simbel Temples

If you are planning to visit this temple, then you can go there any time. However, it is said that the time from 4 is to 10.30 am is the best one. You can spend a long time walking along the temple premises. Try to visit within that time.

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Now let’s have a glance at some of the best things to do at Abu Simbel temples.

1. Explore The Abu Simbel Temple Complex

Explore The Abu Simbel Temple Complex

Once you reach the temple, it is very necessary to go through the whole temple complex. There are awesome sculptures and statues that you can come through while roaming along the temple. Try to walk along the temple complex. It would be far better and wonderful. There are some ancient ruins that are also available. It would rather be very important to know why was Abu Simbel built?

2. Visit Aswan Governorate

Aswan Governorate

You can also take a flight from Aswan and visit the Abu Simbel temples. You can also spend the whole day by relaxing in front of Lake Nassar before flying back to Aswan. You can visit the whole temple complex along with a short trip to Aswan Governorate. In fact, the Abu Simbel temples map helps a person to reach the place conveniently.

3. Hire Luxor And Take A Drive To The Adjacent Places

Take A Drive To The Adjacent Places

Take a Luxor and drive from Aswan to Abu Simbel temples. It will give you an amazing experience. You can also go to the Philae temple. Also, check the high dam that is very near to Aswan. The long drive is much better and refreshing. If required you can stop anywhere and take a break. It has been seen that the Abu Simbel temple facts are very interesting at the same time.

4. Take A Bus Tour To Rock Temples

Bus Tour To Rock Temples

There are ample AC buses that conduct regular tours to Abu Simbel temples from Aswan. If you are interested then you can join it. The bus starts their journey early in the morning. The bus will also take you to two rock temples that are located on the banks of Lake Nassar. The bus will provide free distilled water to the travelers. Abu Simbel temple in Egypt is a great landmark of the whole place.

5. Hiring Bike And Exploring The Area On Your Own

Cyclist Bike Biker Transportation System Wheel

If you desire, then you can also opt to hire bikes that are available in Aswan. By hiring an individual hike you are completely free to go anywhere. It may take some extra time, but the whole thing depends upon the wish of the biker. You will really enjoy this trip to Abu Simbel through a bike. Even it is said that Abu Simbel temple relocation is a big history and it plays a vital role till this date.

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6. The Light And Sound Show: Witness

The Light And Sound Show

Now don’t miss the awesome light and sound show. This show will clearly state the full story of the temple including the story of Ramesses II. The whole ambiance changes instantly and you will feel like you are in that period. Many hidden facts are revealed beautifully. So don’t miss this chance. The laser show is held on a regular basis and people really like to see it. The show does not commence if there are less than 10 people. This show is simply mind-blowing and amazing from all aspects.

7. Explore The Interiors

Explore The Interiors

There are many things to see inside the temple. There are ample sculptures and statues of the ancient time that must be visited. Also, don’t forget to discover the listed complex of UNESCO. You can gather a lot of information from these places. Most of the historians mostly visit this place for gathering good information about the temples. There are ample communications that connect the Abu Simbel airport to temple.

8. Hire A Guide


Hire a guide and know more about the history of two temples and also about Ramesses II, who constructed this temple during the 13th century BC. There are writings that are engraved on the walls of the temple. If you want, you can go through these writings. It may take a time to read those writings.

9. Have A Coffee And Delicious Breakfast At Tuya Café

Coffee And breakfast

If you are searching to have some breakfast at a good place then it is best to go to Tuya Café. This place serves local foods in a lovely garden. The garden is well maintained and the whole ambiance is quite favorable for tourists. If you want, then you can stop here to smoke. Maximum tourists come to this place to relax and taste some delicious foods. This café is very well known in the entire area.

10. Visiting Temple Of Hathor

Temple Of Hathor View

Indeed, the temple of Hathor is another important thing to see at Abu Simbel. It lies next to the Temple of Ramesses. In this temple, you will the statues of Ramesses and Nefertari. In this temple, Nefertari is found to be in the clothes of Hathos. So this temple is very famous all around the place. There are some images depicted on the walls of the temple where you will find that queens are dedicating to god. The art is very graceful in this temple. However, there is an involvement of Abu Stemple entrance fee.

How To Reach Abu Simbel Temples

Abu Simbel is said to be a very fascinating destination for the tourists. If you are in Aswan, then you can reach Abu Simbel by flight. There are regular flights that connect Abu Simbel with Aswan. The fare of the flight may vary from 1200-1800 EGP. The fare depends on the time of booking. After reaching the Airport, you can hire a taxi that can take you to Abu Simbel. If you travel from Cairo, then there are regular flights that can take you Abu Simbel. It takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach Abu Simbel from Cairo Airport.

The natural beauty of Abu Simbel has attracted lots of people since a long time. If it is seen minutely, then it will be found that people from all across the world mostly come to see this temple. It is the center of attraction. As times passed, the route to reach this temple has been developed in a new way. People can now easily access various types of modes to reach this place. Even there has been a lot of changes in the place. There are good eating places near the temple where people can sit and relax for a bit of time. Plan a trip to Europe, head to Egypt and have a unique experience.

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10 Most Famous Photography Places In Hungary To Get Ultimate Clicks!

Hungary is a country that is located in the Central part of Europe. This place is famous for its extraordinary beautiful landscapes and nature. The castles of the medieval period have always attracted people from all over the world. Hungarian culture was highly influenced by the Romans and the Turkish. Every year people from all over the world come to this land for discovering its beauty and capture such beauties in one frame. There are many resorts that are located in and around the country. The neoclassical buildings are mainly found in this country. Hungarian is the official language of this country. The culture and history of Hungary are quite famous all over the world. This country provides the best photography places in Hungary.

Let’s have a look at some of the best photography places in Hungary that is ideal for taking snaps. So come and know more about these places.

1. Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman's Bastion

This is the best place to take photos. If you reach the top of this place, then the snaps will appear more beautiful and clear. This place across the Danube Rover really provides a very panoramic view. You can take snaps and frame it. Matthias Church is also a mind-blowing the place to take snaps. The multi-colored tiles are also an awesome background for taking photos. So come and explore the amazing photography places in Hungary.

Location: Budapest

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2. The Chain Bridge At Night

The Chain Bridge At Night

This bridge provides a stunning background for taking photos. The bridge gets an awesome look, especially during nights. The whole bridge gets beautifully decorated with colorful lights. In fact, the best location to take the snaps of the bridge is in the front portion. The shot that is taken before the stunning lions standing along the bridge is the best one. In order to avoid the traffic on the bridge, you can avail the island that is in the middle of the bridge.

Location: Budapest

3. View Of Buda Side From Pest

View Of Buda Side From Pest

There are rooftop bars that can be the best place for taking snaps. If you have a strong passion for taking photos, then this place would be the best one. The Danube River that flows along the country also creates a beautiful scene. The Buda Castle can be best captured from this point. Don’t miss the awesome opportunity to take snaps from here. You will really like to know more about the best photography places in Hungary.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

4. St. Stephen’s Square And Basilica

St. Stephen's Square And Basilica

This place is named after the first king of Hungary. This place also provides excellent views to take photos of both the church and the roof. The interior portion of the palace also provides an excellent background for taking snaps. If you wish then this is the best spot for taking good snaps.

Location: Basilica

5. Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill

It is another place for taking photos. Gellert Hill is also the home of the Citadel and Liberty Statue. The statue mainly commemorates the memory of those persons who fought bravely and lost their lives for the independence of the country. You can take the impressive photos of the memorials and frame it. This place is a great location for taking panoramic shots of the whole of Budapest. You can use the stairs to set it as a good location for taking photos. Many people also sit on the stairs for taking snaps. It would really be a great one. This place is indeed one of the great photography places in Hungary.

6. Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

This place is famous for its ruin bars. There is much stuff in and around this place. There are ample photo opportunities for those who can take good photos. This place also attracts people from all over the world to take good snaps. So don’t miss the opportunities to take good photos. During the afternoon, this place remains less crowded so you can take good snaps at this time.

7. Hungarian Parliamentary Buildings

Hungarian Parliamentary Buildings

One of the tallest and largest buildings of Budapest is indeed a great place for taking snaps. It is also a stunning place for taking photos. The best location to take photos is on the side that is on the bank of the Danube River. The huge symmetrical building will look awesome on one frame. Even the inside portion of the building is as much beautiful as is the outer portion. Even you can plan for a guided tour of this place.

8. Shoes On The Danube

Shoes On The Danube

It is a great memorial place for the victims who were forced to open the shoes before being gunned so that their bodies will float on the Danube River very easily. There are shoes that still represent their presence. It can be one of the most iconic photos till date. The Danube River helped in floating the bodies swiftly. The background of the Danube River can be the best one for taking snaps. This photo brings the troublesome history of Budapest. In fact, most of the people love to gather information about the best photography places in Hungary before stopping there.

Location: Budapest

9. Memento Park

Memento Park

It is an open air museum that will provide you with the absolute background for taking photos. This museum mainly represents the Hungary communist period’s stories. Republic of Council monument can be one of the best options for taking snaps. This park is located on the outer part of the city. You can hire a scooter and go to this place. The entire background is perfect for taking pictures. There are amazing statues that can be placed at the background while taking photos. Most of the people arrive at this place for spending good times.

Location: Hungary

10. New York Café

New York Café

It is said to be one of the most beautiful cafés in the whole world. The whole place is so well maintained and till now it has kept its good reputation. The interior architecture is simply superb and ideal for taking snaps during gatherings. Apart from taking photos of the interior the café also serves good and tasty foods and drinks. The whole ambiance is absolutely peaceful and lovely for spending good times with family and friends. It seems that you are having coffee in the Royal Palace. You can take good snaps in any position of the café. It is a world famous place.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Hungary has really occupied a great position by offering good places for taking snaps. Almost all the places are ideal for taking snaps. You can go to any place and take snaps at any time. There are many people who come from different corners of the world to cherish the beauty of this land along with taking snaps. Hungary has a good history that can be revealed in these places. Apart from providing a fantastic photo location, the country seems to be a very peaceful one in all aspects. If you wish to capture some beautiful moments, then this place is the best one. There are many people on this earth who always wish to know more about the best photography locations in Hungary. It is a very interesting subject. So, plan a trip to Europe and satiate your hunger at Hungary!

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10 Serene Churches In Hungary For Those Who Are Seeking Tranquillity!

Hungary is a beautiful place in Europe. If you are a backpacker or a budget traveler, then this European country is a great start! There are many beautifully constructed buildings in Hungary. In fact, you ought to see its state buildings, old hospitals and other memorials constructed here in Hungary. The country is seriously a treat for the building and the architectural lovers. Here is an intricate list of top churches in Hungary which you should definitely visit. This is because there are a lot of variations in the Hungarian churches. They are a few Hungarian reformed church and there are also a few other churches you need to pay a visit to understand the quirky mix of tradition and modernization.

Here are some of the most interesting and beautiful churches in Hungary you cannot resist to visit. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

This Holy Spirit Catholic church is one of the best churches in Hungary. An organic architect called as Imre Makovecz designed this beautiful church in 1988. The interesting part of this structure is it is made entirely of wood. See, the churches in Hungary are very intriguing and interesting.

Location: Hősök tere, 7030, Paks, HU
Timings: 9AM-9PM

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2. Matthias Church

Matthias Church

Matthias Church is situated in the Castle District which is in Budapest. This Church is named after the King Matthias who was one of the best Hungary’s Kings in the medieval times. The original building was built in the Roman style in 1015 AD. But the building was destroyed by Mongols in 11th century when they invaded Budapest. This is a Roman catholic church which is in the place called as Fisherman’s Bastion. The current building which is rebuilt again was after the invasion. The building was built in the second half of the 14th century. It has 3 bells and is also the seventh largest church in the whole of Hungarian country.

Location: Budapest, Szentháromság tér 2, 1014 Hungary
Timings: NA

3. Sziklatemplom


The cave church or the sziklatemplom (translation) is in the Gellert Hill Cave in Budapest. It was constructed in the early 20th century (1931). This church is of the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, a monastic order which goes back in the 13th century. This church was closed when it was the era of communism. But once, the communist era was gone, then the order reopened it to the public again. During the time of the communist era, this was used by the national ballet academy as dormitory.

Location: Budapest,1118 Hungary
Timings: NA

4. The Votive Church & The Our Lady Of Hungary Cathedral

The Votive Church & The Our Lady Of Hungary Cathedral

This church in Hungary and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary is situated in the south Hungary. This beautiful church is in the Szeged, South Hungary. This building goes back to the 20th century where its construction begins in 1913. Due to the First World War in 1914, the construction was paused and then later continued till 1930. In Hungary, this is the 4th largest building in terms of area and size.
There is an interesting story about why this church was built in the Szeged city. It seems that there was a huge flood which almost destroyed the inhabitants over there. Almost all of the town’s population was wiped out. The survivors swore to build a church in the same town. Hence, this church came into existence.

Location: Szeged Hungary
Timings: 7AM- evening

5. The Zsambek Monastery Church

The Zsambek Monastery Church

Another ruin of the great Hungarian church, the Romanesque church is situated in the peaceful town of Zsambek. This was built in the early 13th century and was basically a church for a particular family of Maynard. But after a while, the church was given to another set known as the Pauline fathers. Then, this church was rebuilt again in the Gothic Style. But, this church had a certain stroke of bad luck when it was destroyed by the Turks when they ruled in Hungary in the 18th century and then again came down when there was an earthquake. After that, it was deserted.

Location: Zsámbék, Corvin János u. 5, 2072 Hungary
Timings: 9 AM- 6 PM

6. Holy Spirit Church, Heviz

Holy Spirit Church, Heviz

This one of those Hungarian churches which is the most beautiful. Also, this particular church is the largest in the whole of Heviz. This church is so big that a 1000 people can be seated in it. The designer, Janos Bocskai was definitely a great person who made such a spacious building. The construction of the 1000 seat church started in 1996 but it took almost 3 years to make. Also, you have seven towers which represent the seven pious gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Location: Hévíz, Zrínyi Miklós utca, 8380 Hungary
Timings: 9 AM- 6 PM

7. Downton Candlemas Church

Downton Candlemas Church

This church of the Blessed Virgin Mary is in the pretty town of Pecs. Before this building, there was a mosque here known by the name of the Mosque of Pasha Qasim in the 16th-17th century. This mosque was there in the times when the Ottoman Empire and Occupation was prevalent. This Mosque was built by the Pasha himself between 1543-1546. But after that, it was converted into a church in the 18th century around 1702. The building used to possess a minaret but due to relational difference of opinions, that minaret was demolished by the Jesuits in 1766.Here is some extra information which might be of some help:

Location: Pecs, Hungary
Timings: 8.00 AM-8.00 PM

8. Assumption Cathedral

Assumption Cathedral

This cathedral is located in the city of Vac and is by far one of the largest cathedrals in Hungary. The first cathedral was built in the 107 year but it was completely destroyed in the 14th century. Then, the construction work again started centuries later i.e., in 18th century and finally completed in 1777. This church was once brought down by the Mongol invasion.

Location: Vac, Hungary 1051
Timings: 7.30 AM- 7.30 PM

9. St Stephen’s’ Basilica

St Stephen's' Basilica

The St. Stephen’s Basilica which is situated in the center of Budapest is the largest church in the Hungarian city. This building was named after the first Hungarian king, King Stephen. Also, this basilica is one of the most important church building in the whole of Hungary. Also this was built by the most talented architect Miklos Ybl. It took almost 5 decades to complete this building and was completed in 1905.

Location: Budapest, Szent István tér 1, 1051 Hungary
Timings: 8AM- 8PM

10. Esztergom Basilica

Esztergom Basilica

This is one of the largest churches in Hungary. There were a few churches which were built on the same scale but they were all destroyed by the intruders in the Hungarian history. But this one was constructed by Janos Pach but it was completed by Jozsef Hild.

Location: Esztergom, Szent István tér 1, 2500 Hungary
Timings: 9 AM-9 PM

Thus, these are the best churches in Hungary which are listed above. You can visit these when you are heading to Hungary. So, get packed and book your Trip to Hungary right away!

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A Handy Guide To The World-Famous Confederation Bridge In Canada

The world-famous Confederation Bridge is the biggest landmark in Canada spanning to the Abegweit Passage of Northumberland Strait. With its global identity as an engineering marvel, this bridge connects Canada’s Prince Edward Island with the country’s mainland area of New Brunswick. Besides easing communication and infrastructure, this bridge has become a sought after destination.

About The Confederation Bridge

It was in October 1993 that the construction of the Confederation Bridge began. The bridge was ready and inaugurated for public use after four years on May 31, 1997. There are several interesting factors which distinguish the Confederation Bridge from any other ordinary bridge. This two-lane toll bridge on the Trans-Canada Highway links the Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island with Canada’s Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick side mainland.

Bridge Ocean Pei Confederation Bridge

Experienced engineers were involved to plan Confederation Bridge construction. Highly durable high-grade concrete combined with supporting steels have been used in the precast components for an assured more than a century lifespan of this bridge. In total, more than 5000 workforces that included laborers to senior engineer and managerial staffs were involved to work extensively for 4 years to complete the construction of this bridge.

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Spike In Number Of Tourists

The number of visitors to the Confederation Bridge was 740,000 in 1996, a year before it was formally inaugurated. It received 1,200,000 tourists the following year in 1997 with its formal inauguration. Since then, the number of visitors has dropped. Nowadays, the annual average tourist visitor is approximately 900,000 only. Being the longest bridge in the world crossing ice-covered water, the Confederation Bridge is a tourists’ paradise for those visiting the Canadian region.

You should keep the below-mentioned places in mind to make your Canada trip a memorable experience:

1. Howards Cove Lighthouse

Howards Cove Lighthouse

Located at a distance of mere 15 kilometers, Howards Cove Lighthouse is a great place to visit nearby the Confederation Bridge. It is an amazing landmark in the Prince Edward Island where tourists delve in multiple fun activities in the leisure time and enjoy the calmness of this place.

2. Seven Mile Bay

Seven Mile Bay

The nature lovers won’t miss the famous natural body of water in the Prince Edward Island in Canada named Seven Mile Bay. This famous tourist attraction remains popular for various types of outdoor activities nearby the Confederation Bridge. It is located at a distance of fewer than 15 kilometers from the bridge and always remains filled with the tourists.

3. Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse

Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse

Located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge, the famous Port Border Rear Range Lighthouse is a must-visit at Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is famous for its calm climatic conditions. The visitors feel solace during their stays in this nature’s bounty.

4. Julie’s Yarn Shoppe

Julie's Yarn Shoppe

Travelers as shoppers would always like to find some souvenir to take home as memories. Located at a distance of mere 16 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge, Julie’s Yarn Shoppe brings good varieties of local stuff which everybody would like to have. It is a perfect place for buying gifts at a reasonable price.

5. Murray Beach Provincial Park

Murray Beach Provincial Park

Offering dual advantage of providing sufficient time to the visitors to spend their leisure moments in Murray beach and also have a great stride in the park area, Murray Beach Provincial Park is always rushed by the travelers. It is located at a distance of only 16 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge thus it always remains accessible to all.

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6. Marine Rail Historical Park

Marine Rail Historical Park

A category of rail museum cum park in the Prince Edward Island, Marine Rail Historical Park is located at a distance of only 14 kilometers from the famous landmark in the region, the Confederation Bridge. Tourists include a visit to this park in their itineraries by considering knowing about this region’s glorious past.

7. Right Off the Bat Pottery

Right Off the Bat Pottery

Located at a distance of just 400 meters from the Confederation Bridge, tourists experiment something entirely unique here. This innovative concept of ‘Play in Clay Experiential Workshop’ seeks everybody’s attention. You enjoy can delve into innovative clay ideas in this Gallery for fun moments.

8. Cavendish Figurines Ltd.

Cavendish Figurines

A visit to the Confederation Bridge is a dream cum true experience for tourists. Everybody though seeks to have something unique from a place visited to let others know about that memorable visit. Cavendish Figurines Ltd. is a large gift shop in the Prince Edward Island near the famous bridge. Besides selling various types of local souvenirs to buy and take home, it facilitates perfect eatery option to taste some great local light recipes.

9. Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

The visitors to the Confederation Bridge can’t ignore a trip to nearby Cape Jourimain Nature Centre at the Bayfield, New Brunswick area. This modern eco-center appeals all with its multiple features. The wildlife area is an amazing one. More than 12-kilometer nature trails always seek the adventure lovers’ attention. Other notable attractions are famous exhibit hall and an operational lighthouse existing since the 19th century. Of course, the most popular artisanal boutique here is a must visit. Tourists enjoy great food while observing the enormous look of the Confederation Bridge. They feel its splendor existence while sitting there to sip coffee or taking some yummy food.

10. Borden-Carleton Visitor Information Centre

Borden Carleton Visitor Information Centre

The presence of Borden-Carleton Visitor Information Centre at the Prince Edward Island nearby the Confederation Bridge proves a great relief for the tourists to obtain the desired information about this area. Remain opened every day from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM; this Information Centre in itself is a wonderful place for exploration. Travelers come to know all sorts of details about the island as well as rules pertaining to the world-famous Confederation Bridge nearby it.

Confederation Bridge is recognized as one of the most popular long bridges in the world today. As it has been built on the ice-covered water which connects to the Canadian mainland with the Prince Edward Island, it has gained popularity as an exceptionally unique bridge cum tourist spot. A trip to Canadawill remain complete without a memorable drive on this bridge.

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All About Millau Viaduct Bridge: A Landmark In Southern France

Southern France has several gateways to many exquisite holiday destinations and panoramic sightseeing avenues, one of the best being Millau which is an expansive settlement at the meeting point of the River Tarn and River Dourbie. An integral part of the French Occitanie region, this commune is barely 70 km away from the Aveyron department in Rodez. It is one the most prominent locations with the presence of the tallest bridge in the world measuring 323metres – The Millau Viaduct Bridge also known as Viaduc De Millau.

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful panoramas of Causse du Larzac, Gorges du Tarn, and Causse Noir, this roadway bridge passes over the Tarn Valley and forms a magnificent yoke in La Meridienne. Constituting the main entrance to the enchanting Gorges Valley, it connects the Causse du Larzac and the Causse Rouge which are the two famous limestone plateaus.

History Millau Viaduct Bridge

This colossal masterpiece was an oeuvre de art, designed by a British architect Norman Foster and a French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux. The requisition of this bridge had arisen way back in the ’80s when the whole of Millau, Torn Valley and other areas surrounding Paris en route Spain would be engulfed in long traffic hauls during the vacations. However, its construction began in the late 2001 and it took 3 years to complete this edifice. While the construction was completed on 14 December 2004, it received the outstanding structure award in the year 2006.

Facts About Millau Viaduct Bridge

While Millau is the commune where the bridge was built, the term ‘Viaduct’ originates from a latin word ‘via’ which means a road and ducere denotes ‘to lead’ so it is actually a bridge that comprises 8 consecutive spans of road or pathway over Tarn river. This bridge is a classic example of a harp cable stayed bridge wherein the cables holding the deck pass through the pillar at different points. A total of seven pillars were constructed with a record breaking height that crossed 50metres

Millau viaduct bridge Height: Taller than the famous Eiffel Towers, the Millau Viaduct Height at 343metres holds its head high beyond the clouds. It has not only broken several world records but also been declared as one of the most majestic and beautiful bridges in the whole world.

While structurally it is the tallest, it is the 15th highest bridge according to the deck height which was 270 meters. It is proven to be the highest road bridge that passes through the valley of River Tarn, in Europe at 886 feet.

Millau Viaduct Length: This cable-stayed bridge is 2460 meters’ long is said to be iconic and is swarmed by visitors thus the speed limit here has been lowered from 130km/hrs. to 110km/h so as to make it safer and allow the tourists who would naturally lower their speed to click pictures.

Places To Visit Millau Viaduct

The Millau viaduct bridge is surrounded with copious locales that are eye-catching and not to be missed if one plans to tour that area, primary one being Viaduc de Millau, and others like Larzac, Chaos De Montpellier-le- vieux, La Graufesenque, Micropolis Cite des Insectes, Reptile Larzac, Castle Peyrelade, Dourbie, Musee De Millau et des Grand Causses, Millau Viaduct Information and Tours and so many more.

1.Viaduc de Millau

Viaduc de Millau

This classic piece of architecture that has created history, is one of the first and foremost things to explore. It has the advantage of having several viewpoints like Cape Coste Brunas, Belvedere of Luzencon, Village classified Peyre, Terrace of the Belfry of Millau and others. It is a visual treat to the eyes of artists, photographers, nature lovers and other tourists as it offers marvelous vistas in every season. As it is a motorway road bridge, walking across the bridge is strictly prohibited.

Toll Charges: £5.60
Peak season: £7.40
(July & August)

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2. Larzac


Situated between Millau and Lodeve, this limestone Karst plateau, better known as Causse du Larzac is a piece of natural agricultural land that is used for sheep rearing and most famous for acquiring Roquefort Cheese. There are several three-star hotels available if one is interested in soaking in the beauty of this place.

3. Chaos De Montpellier-le-Vieux

Chaos De Montpellier-le-Vieux

In the north-east of Millau, at the southern edge of Causse Noir, lies a 120-hectare block field comprising limestone plateau with organized and extraordinary rock city that is formed out of dolomite. While the Black Causse is the finest compilation of rocks, Montpillier-le-vieux is the capital. Improvising keeps with new features is their specialty, the latest ones being

Walks in Freedom – five marked walks ranging from one to three hours
The Little Train – meant for older generation or families who want a smooth tour in short span of 50minutes.
Via Ferrata –Zip liners that are unique as they are formulated underground in between the rocks
The Hooked ROC – specialized workshop for children in the field of acrobatics and rock climbing with safety.
Entry Fees: mentioned on the site

4. La Graufesenque

La Graufesenque

This is an exclusive tourist spot as it is an archeological site found at the confluence of rivers Dourbie and Tarn, barely 2 km away from Millau. It is a must visit place for people interested in ceramic pottery as the highlights of this place are La Ceramique Sigillee, L’Atelier d’Atelia, etc. The site, partly owned by the government and private shareholders, was classified as a monument historique in 1995. More than 600 workshops were excavated out of which only a dozen were considered famous at that time.

5. Micropolis Cite des Insectes

Micropolis Cite des Insectes

Another prominent tourist attraction is the Micropolis Cite Des Insectes which is located close to Millau at Sainticropolis, in the Levezou region of France. It exhibits biodiversity at its scientific center, however it is essentially a museum that Is dedicated to Jean-Henri Fabre – a famous entomologist. It is a complete insect city which can be discovered by young and old alike. Here one can effortlessly get lost in the mesmerizing world of these eight-legged creatures and their diversities. There are several activities that one can indulge in either individually or even in groups. The park opens from February 23, 2019

Entry Fees: Children Children Adults -£14.90
Timings: Open all day
In months May and June, visits are preferable on Wednesdays or weekends
As weekdays are reserved for school excursions.

6. Château de Peyrelade

Château de Peyrelade

The tour of Viaduc de Millau would be incomplete if one does not visit castle Peyrelade as it is one of the many ruined castles of medieval times that is located in the Riviere –sur –Tarn in the Aveyrn Department. Overlooking the valley and Gorges de Tarn, this magnificent castle has a fortress made of single rock. A host of facilities and activities are lined up for the eager beavers as well.

Entry Fees: for Children 12yrs: £5
for >10 person: £3 each person
Packages available
Timings: all days 14:00 to 18:00
July &August 10.00 to 18.30


eWhile Rodez is the closest airport to Millau, Montpellier is another feasible option here. By bus it takes about 3hr56minutes to reach the bridge, while the train takes about 4hr8minutes; however, the fastest route is available by car so should you plan to visit the bridge in an hour’s time, you should definitely drive down. The Millau Viaduct Map is always there for your assistance

Insider Tips

To attain the best view of this architectural wonder, climbing on to the viewing platform of the Service Area on the northern side of the bridge is most advisable. Weather could be very unpredictable so appropriate clothing is advisable too. Camera is a must to capture the panoramic views and a tripod would add to the perfection if your hands lack steadiness.

To appreciate its height and get an altogether diverse perspective you should not miss the Millau Viaduct Information and Tour which is located on the D992 road.
To get a rustic feel, a visit to one of the 10 plus beaux villages de France situated close to Peyre and Millau too.

With all the facts and figures mentioned above, touring this place, if not a compulsion then should definitely be in your bucket list. It will be an opportunity of a lifetime to visit this modern gigantic construction worth 394million pounds, and should not be missed at any cost as its breathtaking design and craftsmanship is unique and has a distinct story to tell. On your trip to France, you can visit this engineering marvel for a thorough tour.

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10 Rivers Of Hungary One Must Visit To Capture The Finest Beauty Of These Nature’s Retreat!

Hungary is a country which is landlocked between Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Austria, Romania, Croatia, and Slovakia. Hungary is divided into three major regions which are then divided into seven smaller regions. These three regions include the northern Hungarian mountains as well as the Transdanubia which is a region surrounded by hills. Hungary’s best natural resource is its fertile land which makes about 70% of the country suitable for agriculture. Hungary also consists of a lot of rivers which provides sufficient waters throughout the country and also serves as a nature’s retreat for the travelers.

If you’re looking for an escape to the nature then these 10 exotic rivers of Hungary will be your perfect getaway while vacationing in Europe.

1. Danube

River Budapest City

Out of the rivers of Hungary, Danube is the second longest river flowing in Europe with 1,777 miles. Danube river map shows that it flows through parts of Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and more. The Danube empties out into the black sea. Danube River along with its tributaries and other significant rivers was the location for the growth of some of the very early human cultures. It serves as the main source of drinking water for around 20 billion people in Germany’s Baden Württemberg. Apart from this, it is a great river to go fishing in, even though fish have decreased in recent years. There are a lot of tourist spots which one can frequent.

Location: Hungary

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2. Tisza


It is one of the important rivers which flow through central Europe. It flows through four countries, which include Romania, Serbia, Ukraine as well as Hungary. The river is 600 miles long and it was once popular as the most Hungarian river as it passed almost entirely through the kingdom of Hungary. The Tisza begins flowing from Rakhuv in Ukraine and then joins the Danube in Serbia. There is also a dam of the same name which was built in the 1970s with the main aim of controlling floods and storing water. But it became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Very diverse wildlife also populates the Tisza river and it includes about 200 species of birds.

Location: Hungary (full)

3. Drava


Out of the rivers of Hungary, this one is situated in the southern part of Central Europe. It is the fourth largest tributary of the Danube River which flows through Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, and Italy. The river is 465 miles long. The Drava River begins from Innichen in Italy and then goes through to the various other countries, before settling into Hungary and joining the Danube river from Osijek. The Drava gets its name from the dravite species of tourmaline and currently, it has around 22 hydroelectric power plans.

Location: Hungary

4. Raba


Raba is situated right in Western Hungary as well as in Southeast Austria, right from its source in Austria which flows in yo Hungary before joining up a tributary of the Danube right in the Hungarian city of Győr. The river is 247 miles long and its powerful streams are a beauty to watch. Raba River used to actually flow in the opposite direction during the very early Cenozoic era but its flow got reversed due to tectonic uplifting. Visitors will be surprised by the amazing aquatic life found there.

Location: Western Hungary

5. Crișul Negru

Crișul Negru

This is a river which is situated in Western Romania as well as in the South Eastern part of Hungary. The river begins due to the confluence at the headwaters of Crisul Poienii and Crișul Băiței, which are located in the Western Apuseni Mountains. It also flows through the towns of Beiuș and Ștei in Romania. The small Rosa River is actually one of its tributaries. After the river crosses Hungary’s border, it goes on to join the Fehér-Körös from the north of Gyula to the Körös River. A part of the river from the river Crisul Repede gets diverted towards the Crișul Negru by the Criș Collector Canal.

Location: South Eastern Hungary

6. Marcal


Marcak is the right tributary of the Raba river that strata near to that of Sümeg in the Bakony region of western Hungary. The river then flows north and reaches Ukk which is located right on the Little Hungarian Plain. The river also follows a very similar path to Raba and there are plenty of places where they are just a kilometer apart. They finally meet at Győr. The river got contaminated due to a chemical spill in October 2010 due to red mud and then it temporarily suffered a huge kiss of aquatic life. But the river has since recovered from the disaster.

Location: Sumeg, Western Hungary.

7. Zala


Image Courtesy

Zala flows in South Western Hungary; it begins in the hills in the Northwest of Szalafő, which is near to the borders of Slovenia and Austria. It flows through the Hungarian counties of Zala and Vas. The length of the river is 139 km and the drainage is 2,622 sq km. There are plenty of small rivers which feed into it, the likes of which include the Szentmihályfalvi Patak, Felső-Válicka, Szentjakabi Patak, Sárvíz (Zala) Patak and more. It also flows through the city of Zalaegerszeg before flowing right into the Lake Balaton which is located near Keszthely.

Location: South-Western Hungary

8. Hornád

Hernád At Gibárt

Hornád is a river which flows in Eastern Slovakia and also in north-eastern Hungary. It is a tributary of the river Sajo and its source is the eastern slopes of Kráľova hoľa hill, which are located to the southwest of Vikartovce. The length of the river is 286 km, of which 178 are situated in Slovakia and the rest 108 km flows in Hungary. The cities which are located along the river are Košice and Spišská Nová Ves, both of which are situated in Slovakia. It then flows into the river Sajó. All along the river, there are 6 different limestone rocky cliffs as well as steep slopes which create the site Hornádske vápence and it is a place of community importance.

Location: North-eastern Hungary.

9. Körös


Körös flows in eastern Hungary and also in Western Romania. The length of the river is 128.6 km, which resulted from the confluence of the Fehér-Körös (Crișul Alb) and Fekete-Körös (Crișul Negru) near to the town of Gyula, which are its two sources. The drainage basin of the river is around 27,537 km square. The river also has another source river called Crișul Repede, but all if their origins are in the Apuseni Mountains in Transylvania, Romania. The section of the river which is situated downstream from Gyomaendrőd is called the Hármas Körös and it flow right info the Tisza River near Csongrád.

Location: Eastern Hungary

10. Sajó


This river is called Şieu Commune in Hungarian and Şieu River in Romania. Its length is 229 km, out of which 110 is in Slovakia whereas the other 119 km is in Hungary. The river gets its source from the Stolica Mountains range of the Slovak Ore Mountains. Sajó flows through the town of Rožňava in Slovakia as well as the Hungarian city of Miskolc. In Hungary, the river flows through the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, then it goes on to flow into the river Tisza which is near Tiszaújváros. The major tributaries of the river are Hornád and Bodva.

Location: Miskolc, Hungary

There are a huge number of Hungary Rivers spread across this European country. These rivers are big, powerful and mesmerizing. These rivers also provide sustenance for the wildlife and human civilization which thrives all around it. The history of thousands of years is written in these waters, with even more to come, so if you’re on the verge to plan your Europe trip, then make sure to keep these rivers in your list too.

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A Comprehensive Mozambique Travel Guide: When To Visit And Where To Go

Mozambique, also called the Republic of Mozambique, is an ideal destination for the curious traveler who wants to engage with unusual landscapes and is up for a hell of an adventure. This comprehensive Mozambique travel guide aims to introduce you to this marvelous country’s weather, best places to visit, and more.

Familiar With Mozambique Travel

Surrounded by countries like Tanzania, South Africa, Eswatini, Zambia, Malawi and the Indian Ocean in the east, the Republic of Mozambique has the Mozambique Channel coursing by it which also separates it from Madagascar, Comoros, and Mayotte. Known by the name of “Lourenço Marques” for ten years from 1876 to 1976, the current capital of the country is now called Maputo, the suburb of which, Matola, is considered the largest city. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony for a period of four centuries. The country regained its independence from Portuguese settlers in the year 1975, going on to become the People’s Republic of Mozambique

Best Time For Mozambique Travel

Mozambique experiences a tropical climate. The wet season lasts from October to March is the wet season and the dry season lasts from the months of April to September. These climatic conditions are not uniform throughout the entire expanse of the country; it changes with rising altitude. The southern and northern portions of the country experience moderate rainfall as compared to the coastline which experiences heavy rainfall. There is also a wet summer season that lasts from December to April when there are small but heavy downpours of rain, following which the sun rises from behind the grey clouds to shine brightly in the country. Experiencing the various landscapes of Mozambique under these diverse weather conditions will prove to be a different kind of experience depending on when it is you plan to visit the country. So plan accordingly.

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Mozambique comprises of multifarious islands, national parks, and museums that offer an interesting insight into the crafts, arts, and history of the country. Although there are numerous places that you can visit here are a few to give you a highlight in order to give you an idea of what traveling through Mozambique will be like as you take in its breathtaking vistas, culture, and so on.

1. Museum of Natural History of Mozambique

Museum of Natural History of Mozambique

Founded in the year 1913, the Museum of Natural History of Mozambique is located in the capital of Maputo. Before being established permanently as the Dr. Álvaro de Castro Museum, it was based in various locations and was originally what was known as a Provincial Museum. Established in 1911, the Neo-Manueline building that houses the museum was originally intended to serve as a primary school before it became what it is and after gaining independence from the Portuguese rule, it was called Maputo Natural History Museum. The museum is home to and displays animals such as giraffes, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, lions, etc embalmed.

Location: Travessia de Zambezi, Maputo, Mozambique

2. Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island

This subtropical island is populated by exquisite beaches, a tiny village, and a thriving fish market. The island is a favorite of researchers and eco-tourists who flock to the island to check out the diverse flora and fauna. The various species of marine life one can witness here include pufferfish, scorpionfish, butterfly fish, seahorses, manta rays, whale sharks, barracuda, potato bass, giant trevally, Serra, Brindle Bass, and parrotfish moray eel. Some of the plant species one will come across here include Sideroxylon inerme, Ficus capensis, Thespesia populnea, Vepris undulate, Commiphora schlechteri, Clausena anisata, and so on.

Location: Maputo Province, Mozambique

3. Island of Mozambique

Island of Mozambique

Located 4 km from the coastline, this calcareous coral reef is home to several Portuguese architectural buildings in Stone Town, South Africa. Some of these structures are Fort of São Sebastião, Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, Palace of São Paulo and so on. The Palace of São Paulo also comprises a museum. The southern portion of the island is lined with Macuti houses that have thatched roofs. In 1991 the island was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island also has several Hindu temples and mosques since it has now become an urban area.

Location: Nampula Province, Mozambique

4. Benguerra Island

Benguerra Island

Previously known as Santa Antonio, a name given to the island by the Portuguese colonizers, the Benguerra Island is the second largest among the four main islands that comprise the Bazaruto Archipelago. It is popular for snorkeling, rich marine life, fishing, horseback riding, posh resorts and pristine beaches with white sand. As a result of accommodating more than 140 species of birds, in 1971, this island was also turned into a National Park. The three lakes situated in the Benguerra Island are populated by freshwater crocodiles. So, it would be safe to keep your distance.

Location: Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

5. Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park

Occupying the southern portion of the Great Rift Valley, the Gorongosa National Park is home to diverse ecosystems as a result of waterlogging caused by flooding. It is also home to some of the most diverse wildlife indigenous to Africa. It houses mammals, insects, a diverse array of reptiles and 400 bird species. The three types of vegetation that inhabit the park include grasslands, savanna, and woodlands. The park contributes significantly to the ecotourist revenue of Mozambique.

Location: Great Rift Valley, Central Mozambique

With a coastline dotted by some of the most beautiful marine parks and pristine beaches in the world, the Republic of Mozambique is home to a diverse array of landscapes, cultures, and wildlife. It is also home to coral islands that extend up to 250 km known as the Quirimbas Archipelago. Mozambique is home to some of the most unique sights in the entire world. Keep this guide handy on your Book your trip to South Africa.

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An Ultimate Traveler’s Guide To Feel The Bliss And Explore The Beauty Of Moldova Beaches

Moldova is officially called the Republic of Moldova. This is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania on the west, by Ukraine to the north, South, and East. The biggest part of the country actually lies in between the two rivers called the Prut and the Dniester. There are hills, springs, lakes and more to see in Moldova. While all these are present plenty in the landscape, but beaches are scarce as one can expect in this landlocked country. There are many beaches in the country and just in case you don’t miss out on them amidst all the hustle-bustle, keep this handy guide and witness their surreal beauty along with other attractions.

If you’re looking out for a tropical vacation, then these 2 magnificent Moldova beaches will be your perfect getaway.

1. Lacul ‘Valea Morilor’

Le lac Valea Morilor

Although Moldova has no access to the sea, it does have a slither of sand on the Chisinau Lake which is present in its capital Chisinau. It’s a man-made a beach, but it’s a matter of great fun amongst the locals. It is a huge lake where people come to fish and walk around. The beach is attached to the lake as well. The whole area makes for a great picnic spot. If you want to have fun with friends, then there is an amusement park as well.

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2. Plaja Centrală Ghidighici

Plaja Centrală Ghidighici

This is a public beach which is frequently used by the locals for camping purposes. The water here is cool and the sun shines high during the mornings, creating a beautiful atmosphere which is just perfect for a day out.

Location: Ghidighici

people enjyoing

The beach is perfect for visiting the whole year, but coming here during summer is advised as the weather will permit you to have more fun.

Take a look at some of the places that are located nearby the two beaches and you can visit for adding more to your trip to Molodva!

1. Valea Morilor Park

Valea Morilor Park

Exploring the beach gets even more attractive if you see the beautiful park nearby it. The park is amazing and it is located in the middle of the center. The Valea Morilor Park was locally known as Komsomolsky Lake. The venue is a fascinating place to be in because first and foremost, it was created by Leonid Brezhnev, who was the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Moldova. The lake present in here was dug out manually, just with shovels. The park was renamed in 2006 to Valea Morilor which means The Valley of Mills. The park is beautiful and it is a great spot to come with family and friends to enjoy its refreshing atmosphere.

2. Muzeul Național de Arheologie și Istorie a Moldovei

Muzeul Național

This is one of the very few museums in the city which offers its visitors a veritable mixture of history. Archeology and art. Visitors here can partake in its events and exhibitions which are inspiring, modern as well as full of amazing subjects. Once Leonardo da Vinci’s exhibition was carried out over here as well. You will get to experience the past like no other in here and get to know about the history of the country. Entry here is about 10 lei for adults and it is 5 lei for kids. For children under 7 years, it’s free.

3. Piața Marii Adunări Naționale

Piața Marii

This is the destination where most of the events take place in Chisinau. From national wine festivals to holiday markets, this venue hosts it all. Known as the revolutionary square amongst the locals, it also holds the government buildings. If you pass by here on normal or regular days, then it will seem to be a simple Street but it is located on one of the busiest and important streets of Chisinau. You can listen to music festivals which takes place on national holidays and other important cultural days. Just walk over to Cathedral Park to find this Street. Also, whether you visit the beach in winter or not, make sure to come by this place since the Christmas market and Christmas tree is held here.

4. Trei Lerarhi Church

Trei Lerarhi Church

It is a normal East Orthodox Church and was once covered up in gold. But that can’t be seen now since it has melted away. The church is a very beautiful place to be in and is covered in amazing carvings and sculptures, which contribute towards the calm atmosphere of the place.

5. Roznovanu Palace

Roznovanu Palace

Full of stunning architecture and beauty, you will get to witness the history and ancient tales which lies in this venue once you enter here. You can visit the palace upon requesting it. Designed intricately, both the interior as well as the exterior is amazing.

6. Philharmonic Hall

Philharmonic Hall

Constructed in 1940, here you can enjoy various genres of musical performances which include light music, jazz, folk music and more. There are plenty of shows hosted which are just perfect for you to enjoy. There are balcony seats as well from where you can watch these shows.

Take a look at some of the places where you can savour the best dishes Moldova offers while you are holidaying there!

1. Creme De La Creme

Creme De La Crème

It is a cafe which serves European coffee, tea, and pastries. This three storeys building is the home of culinary heaven and boasts of the best dessert choices in the city. But you will also get to enjoy lunch in here apart from just having a cup of warm beverage. The venue is set like a Parisian-style hall on the lower floor so when you enter you will get the traditional Provencal feel. Come here to try out the Viennese coffees, French croissants, the steak plates, pasta and its great selection of salads. This is the ideal place to have weekend brunches as well as official family dinners for both business people and families alike.

2. Popasul Dacilor

Popasul Dacilor

This restaurant is set in an old manor house and is actually the location of Chrisinau’s gastronomic culinary delights. The venue is the gateway for exploring traditional Moldavian roots, but also to experience cultural diversity with its unique decor. The waitresses over here are dressed up in costumes which date back to another era as they serve local dishes which present diverse tastes as well. The indoor restaurant can seat up to 150 customers, but if you want more air then there are two terraces, which offer picturesque views to enhance the setting. The food here is high quality, which is a standard they have worked hard on maintaining.

3. Vatra Neamului

Vatra Neamului

This place provides the best service in town. The venue is where flavor and culture fuse together to create a harmony unlike anything else. Here you can enjoy Romanian inspired fish, soup and meat dishes. There is also a very extensive wine list, which is perfect for being paired off with each of these dishes. The decor here comprises of wood, which gives it a rustic and yet luxurious atmosphere. This is a first class, an authentic restaurant which offers quiet rooms as well for more intimate dining opportunities on its terraces. The terrace setting is more flamboyant while keeping the personal setting option as well.

4. Restaurant Alelino

Restaurant Alelino

This is a great casual but cozy place which serves amazing cocktails. The venue opens up at 9 am and is a great place to have your brunch at as well. The dishes here are beautifully prepared and the ingredients are locally sorted. Its calm decor makes for a really peaceful setting to enjoy a meal in.

5. Restaurant “Orasul Subteran”

Restaurant Orasul Subteran

This is mainly known for its wide and diverse wine choices, which is equally complemented by the beautiful decor inside. The restaurant itself can get a little cold during winters so wear some warm clothing.

6. Casa Nunții “RGV”

Casa Nunții RGV

Come here for the amazing coffee and stay for the great cooking, which gets reflected in its dishes. You might have to wait here because the line is long, but the steak is worth it. The food is fresh and there is a terrace as well, which harbors a kids playground to make it all better for people who come with families.

1. Lacul ‘Valea Morilor’

Lacul Valea Morilor

Lacul Valea Morilor is located near Buiucani, Sectorul Botanica, and Ckulyanskaya Rogatka. It is also a location which is close to Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei (UTM) and Parcul Catedralei. You can avail public transport till UTM and then walk to the lake. You can also rent a car for the entire journey.

2. Plaja Centrală Ghibirdici

Plaja Centrală

You can reach Plaja centrală in Ghidighici by two means- one is by a taxi or by a car. It will take you about 20 mins in a taxi and will cost around ₹350-₹450 bucks. By a car, it will take the same time or even a bit less. The distance from Chisinau to this place is around 15 km.

Moldova is one of the smallest nations of Europe, but it is seen by many as a hidden gem. It’s a small nation so attractions aren’t many, but whatever there is, is stunning. So, if you’re planning your Europe vacation anytime soon, then make sure to keep this place in your bucket list.

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10 Beautiful Museums In Moldova Every History Buff Must Explore At Least Once In Life!

Moldova a small European country is famous for its beautiful places. Many people come to this place to explore its natural beauty along with some traditional and historical places. There are some places in this town that are famous for its fine architecture. Even till now it has held its beauty. Moldova is also renowned for its archeological reserves. There are archeological centers that are very popular all across the world. A trip to this place would be very informative and nice. Apart from this, this place is free from any type of political pressures or disturbances. In a word, it is a very peaceful place for spending wonderful vacations or holidays.

Now let’s focus on some of the best museums in Moldova. They are beautifully maintained and quite updated. It can be well said that the national museum of ethnography and natural history is very famous across the country. The museums in this country are the best place to be visited. Most of the museums are located in a big area. There are ample spaces for tourists to relax in these places while vacationing in Europe. You can easily plan for a day trip for viewing these museums.

1. National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

National Museum of Ethnography

Image Courtesy

This place is famous for preserving various types of archeological things. There are ample things that can be seen here. In fact, it takes about 2 hours to visit the museum. However, there are guides who can assist you to the museum and inform specifically about the things. The architecture style is of Moorish type. The national museum of the history of Moldova beautifully holds the ancient culture and tradition.

Location: Mihail Kogalniceanu St, 82, Chisinau 2009, Moldova
Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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2. Muzeul Național De Arheologie Şi Istorie A Moldovei

Muzeul Național De Arheologie

This museum has a great collection of Moldova history. You will surely enjoy exploring the ancient history of Moldova. If you wish, you can come across various types of an exhibition that usually takes place in this museum. The museum is also well maintained. The building is lovely and the staffs are very well behaved.

Location: Str 31 August 1989, Chisinau, Moldova
Timings: 10AM-6PM.

3. Muzeum Aleksandra Puszkina

Muzeum Aleksandra Puszkina

It is a small museum, but a very interesting one that it reflects the life of Alexander Pushkin. You will get to know complete information about Alexander. There are ample things that also show about his way of living. Even there are books that also give full information about him. If you wish, you can go through the books.

Location: Str Anton Pann 19, Chisinau 2005, Moldova
Timings: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

4. National Museum of Moldovan Art


This museum consists of an unexpected collection of art that cannot be expressed in words. If you have a strong love for art then this is the exact place. Most of the paintings are drawn by renowned artists and they are very impressive. They are displayed in a very wonderful manner. Visitors really get amazed by seeing the paintings. In fact, the national museum of fine arts is the best one in this country.

Location: August 1989 St., 31, Chisinau, Moldova

5. Comrat Museum

Comrat Museum

Image Courtesy

This museum is comparatively small and mainly focuses on Gagauz history. Everything is related and connected with Gagauz culture. This place is mostly visited by foreign tourists. You can also get books and other things related to this history. The ambiance is quite nice and comfortable. It will take hardly one hour to view the entire museum.

Location: Comrat city center, Comrat, Moldova

6. The National Museum of History of Moldova

The National Museum of History of Moldova

There are ample things to see in this museum. It will really take a long time to see the entire things. Most of them are related to ancient history and culture. There are many items of the ancient period that is preserved very carefully. The staffs are very cordial and can guide you to see the whole museum. The location of the museum is very nice.

Location: 31 August 1989 St., 121A, Chisinau 2012, Moldova

7. Military Museum

Military Museum

This museum mainly preserves the memory of the army men who fought for the country and sacrificed their lives. There are pictures and books that clearly states about their contribution. The books that are found in this museum tell about the traumatic phase that they had to pass. This museum should be visited once you are in Moldova.

Location: Strada Tighina 47, Chișinău, Moldova
Timings: 8 AM -5 PM.

8. Andrei Mudrea

Andrei Mudrea

Image Courtesy

This museum is a modern art gallery that has preserved many ancient pictures and paintings. People from all over the world come to visit this museum because it has some awesome beauties. The paintings are placed in a wonderful manner. It is located in the heart of the town so communication becomes much easier and simpler. Even many new painters can also draw their inspiration by visiting this museum. Sometimes, there are exhibitions that state about the paintings.

Location: Strada Columna 106, Chișinău, Moldova

9. Village Museum

Village Museum

It is a very old museum in the whole country. Thousands of people every year come to explore this museum. It is a very quiet place and you can get complete peace of mind in this museum. This place clearly indicates about the life of the ancient people who resided in this village. Everything is so well maintained that it seems that anybody has decorated it beautifully. If you walk along the village you will see that various type of household things are kept. There are windmills that are wonderfully placed. There is a house where people used to get married. All the things are well-maintained and you will really enjoy a lot to see these entire things. You may also feel that you are presently in that stage.

10. Castel Mimi

Castel Mimi

This place is a very famous wine resort or museum that consists of a series of old cellars. You will surely love to see this. The cellars are placed in the same manner as they were placed during those times. The entire place is beautifully decorated and you can come across various types of wines. Outside this place, there are many wine shops that sell a wide variety of wines. The place is surrounded by a beautiful garden that has many beautiful flowers. There are many sitting arrangements where you can sit and relax. It would really be a wonderful experience to view these things.

Location: 1 Dacia Street, Bulboaca 6512, Moldova

Moldova is an amazing place and has many important places that must be explored. This place also has a great historical significance. It would take some days to complete the entire tour of Moldova. The place is free from any type of political unrest and so people in this country is absolutely free and can lead a peaceful life. The roads are very clean and you will feel like walking for a long distance. People in this country are very soft hearted and they love tourism. So you can come here anytime and enjoy its beauty while vacationing in Europe . Apart from this, there are some museums in Chisinau Moldova that are also quite well known among the people.

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